After falling one game short of winning the Stanley Cup, the Boston Bruins can set themselves up for another run with some good additions.

As the team looks to win now, the future starts with the draft

The first round of the NHL draft is Friday night. The Bruins hold the 30th pick in this year’s draft. Now that the league has announced the salary cap will be $81.5 or $82.0 Million, however, it is more likely that we see a trade. A trade involving the Bruins first round pick Friday night could be one way for the team to clear some cap space. Assuming that the Bruins keep the pick, there are a lot of options on the board for them. Looking at the Bruins minor league system, there aren’t really any glaring holes that need to be addressed. The Bruins goalie depth is good enough for them to stay away from a goalie in the first round, and maybe in the 2019 draft as a whole. Given the young D core that the Bruins have assembled, I think we see Boston take a forward.

Whos caught the eye?

Forwards John Beecher, Bobby Brink, and Michal Teply are some realistic names for the Bruins to possibly take at 30. A play maker (Teply), a shooter (Brink), and a banger (Beecher). All three are well rounded, but the mentioned skills are the ones that stick out. All three players would certainly impact the Boston Bruins one day.

Money talks

As mentioned in my first offseason outlook article, the Boston Bruins have a good amount of money to spend on their own free agents before they look elsewhere. With key players like Carlo and McAvoy to bring back, the amount of money that the Bruins can shell out during free agency is limited. Marcus Johansson is a name that will be swirling around the Bruins until he is signed. Johansson will likely hit the free agent market and test the waters, as he should after a good year. Free agency will be very interesting for the Bruins. Their biggest need is a top six forward. The amount of money that the Bruins will be able to give a player capable of fitting a top six role might not be enough to seal the deal. Johannson is likely the most suitable player for the Bruins to target and ultimately bring back.

Outside help?

Another very interesting name that could be tied to the Bruins is former Anaheim Ducks star Corey Perry. After being bought out by the Ducks, Perry is now a free agent. Perry, a right wing, would fit well in the Bruins lineup, as well as the Bruins style of play. Perry is 6’3 and plays more of a power forward roll. Will he fit with the playmaking skills of David Krejci and Jake DeBrusk? I would certainly love to find out. Milan Lucic is another name that a lot of Bruins fans keep bringing up. Lucic was a crowd favorite who also played a top six power forward roll. Still under contract with Edmonton, it would take a buyout for the chance to come back to Boston. Similar to the Bruins situation with David Backes, it just doesn’t make much sense for the Oilers to buy him out.

Let the dominos fall

The NHL draft and free agency are both things that involve young players and money. Two things that the Boston Bruins have, kind of. With players lingering on the edge of the NHL, the Bruins have enough talent to ship out along side an undesirable contract like David Backes. The Bruins also have enough talent to go get a proven veteran on draft night in a trade that could involve the Bruins 30th overall pick. Don Sweeney and the rest of the Bruins front office will be VERY busy over the weekend.