Zdeno Chara had been the heart and soul of the Boston Bruins for the past dozen years and one of the leagues best defenseman since joining the Bruins for the 2006-2007 season. This makes moving on from him all the more difficult. Chara has been a popular trade candidate when talking about who the Bruins could potentially look to deal to accumulate some more assets. While it may be hard to cope with the proposition of moving on from the captain of the Boston Bruins, it may be critical to rebuild the team.

A case for the trade

For starters, the Bruins are not that good.  Granted, injuries have derailed their season. But even with their full lineup, the ceiling for this team may be a wild card spot. The captain has been the Bruins best overall defenseman through the first part of the season. But at the age of forty, he is being wasted on a middle of the pack team. Chara is currently playing out the last year of his contract. While rumors surfaced earlier in the season about a possible extension, no move has been made. Perhaps a sign that Sweeny sees the end of the line for Chara, at least in Boston.

The Bruins can cash in on Chara and his resume, the six-time all star, Norris trophy winner, and Stanley Cup Champion would be the perfect asset for a contending team. Chara could make an immediate impact on any team. Imagine having him in a shut-down role on the second pairing simply to hit the teams top line all night long. This makes him extremely valuable, especially on the upcoming west coast trip.

The kings would be a perfect fit with Doughty leading the team as the clear number one defenseman. Chara would take some of the pressure off of Doughty, and allow the Kings to balance the minutes through the playoffs. It’s not unreasonable for the Bruins to expect at least a first-round pick and a prospect in return, so the Bruins should make the deal sooner then later.  Having Chara for an extra two months could be the difference between a top prospect and a mediocre one.

Just Say No

For starters, if the Bruins view themselves as legit contenders, trading Chara would be foolish. But luckily no one believes that.  But the Bruins do think they can make the postseason, and the Bruins love the revenue from those home playoff games. For those who thinks that’s a non-factor you have not payed attention to the Jacobs history as owners.

On the ice,  Chara provides invaluable experience for the young players, and also the leadership and accountability on and off the ice. McCavoy and Carlo have benefited from Chara’s presence.   He is a pro’s pro. Shows up, grinds it out and keeps his focus on hockey. For a team with so many young players, having a steady leadership core is critical.


The Bruins won’t be a good team this year, so keeping a forty year old is a waste. Cash in on the asset and give Chara one last chance at another Cup.