At the 2020 NBA Draft, Boston Celtics are currently putting all their focus on their shooting positions this time.

According to them, that position was the major reason for their defeat in the Eastern Conference Finals. Naturally, the shooting position is essential to the teams hoping to secure the NBA title for themselves.

Having established that the shooting position was a weakness on their part, the Celtics moved on to draft both Aaron Nesmith and Payton Pritchard to their team. But while these players are young, the team might have to wait for these two youngsters to develop and casinos en ligne en france are willing to bet on their future.

Aaron Nesmith, who is a Vanderbilt small forward, was able to score 52% for his three-pointer shooting percentage in his sophomore year. A replica of this same form in the NBA will see him make a name for himself on the big stage.

His 2019/20 College campaign wasn’t all that great as he succumbed to a foot injury, which restricted him to playing only 14 games that season. While this only made a little dent in his career, the Celtics are willing to place their hopes on the 21-year-old small forward.

Speaking about the player, Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens said to the media: “The way he can run off screens and shoot the ball, the worker that he is, the time he puts into his game, his size, which gives him some positional versatility as he becomes more comfortable with how we defend, will hopefully allow him to guard multiple positions.”

Payton Pritchard, who is the overall 26th pick in the NBA Draft, could be said to be a better option to Nesmith considering he finished all four of his college years, which is not common nowadays.

But this does not necessarily mean he has no more rooms to develop or close to his peak potential. All players always have rooms to become better than before as they aspire to become the best and casinosonline-canada casino is willing to place the odds on their future along with some other youngsters in the game.

We could say, Pritchard has more experience on his CV than Nesmith. Coach Stevens also talked about him, saying: “Payton is a knockdown shooter as well that can do a lot of things with the basketball.”

The Boston Celtics have quite the ammunition upfront with Nesmith with starters like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown in their offensive half.

It is still unclear as to how Brad Stevens will be rotating the team (If there will be a rotation) for their upcoming games. But one thing is quite certain; the Boston Celtics intend to fight their way to the NBA Title.