After the tensions with China, the deaths of its former boss David Stern and the legend Kobe Bryant, the NBA is facing his worst season of all time.

On Wednesday, as the pandemic continued to progress with more than 1100 cases identified in the United States, the NBA had first considered relocating the games in cities untouched by the coronavirus or having them play behind closed doors. It was the last option that the Golden State Warriors – one of the favorite teams in the betting odds of the NBA  – had retained for their match of Thursday against Brooklyn, after the city of San Francisco had prohibited the gatherings of more than 1000 people. 

But when the test result was announced on Rudy Gobert, the reaction was immediate and radical. All games have been suspended for an indefinite period, starting with the one that the Jazz were preparing to compete against Oklahoma City. The players and those they have faced over the past ten days, but also journalists who have followed the Salt Lake City franchise, have been quarantined. In a letter to fans, NBA boss Adam Silver announced that the championship will be shut down for “at least 30 days”. Either until the end of the regular season and the start of the playoffs.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said after the suspension that he would try to work out an arrangement with the NBA to continue paying his employees. Because the shortfall promises to be enormous. Each home game brings millions of dollars in revenue to the franchise. For Golden State, they amount to $ 3 million. The NBA TV contract could also be renegotiated. And with rights estimated at 2.7 billion euros per year, the note could be salty. “The NBA finds itself in the same situation as many companies in the world facing the coronavirus. But its colossal reserves of money research much more apt to collect than SMEs”, tempers journalist George Eddy.

The salary of Boston Celtics players affected by the coronavirus

The suspension of Boston Celtics and NBA games due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic results in lost revenue. And if it does, it will have an impact on the structure not only of future Celtics players ’wages and salary cap prospects, but also across the league.

As of yet, we do not know how much the events of the past week will change the future of the NBA, but that will have an impact on league results in one way or another. While some players earn a fixed amount, others may see their earnings decrease if their contract is tied to a percentage of the cap, as is the maximum salary.

The consequences should be more serious for the players, even if they are paid by the match. As the sports television channel ESPN indicates, the collective agreement provides that they will be punctured by 1 / 92.6th of their salary for each game missed due to a case of force majeure. This includes wars, acts of terrorism, natural disasters and epidemics.