Boston Red Sox Season In Review

The 2017 Boston Red Sox season had a lot of ups and downs. A 93-69 season. The Red Sox acquired Chris Sale, the pitcher they needed at the top of their rotation. Lingering questions burned about David Price, and his spat with Dennis Eckersley and the media only added more fuel throughout the season. The ‘little leader’ Dustin Pedroia, batted just .204 in his last 26 postseason games. The Red Sox starting pitching in four ALDS games pitched 11.1 innings, gave up 23 hits, 16 ER, 6 HR. ERA: 12.70.

Lots Of Young Talent But No Power Hitter

The young talent on the team was great in the regular season, but they are still missing a power hitter. With the Yankees creeping on the AL East, right behind the Red Sox, they need a big bat. Otherwise the AL East title next season will undoubtedly go to the Yankees. But which player do you give up for a power hitter? The last two postseasons Bogaerts batted .138; Betts batted .269; Pedroia batted .143; and Bradley Jr .160. All combined for 33 strikeouts and 19 hits. I have to say a shake up in the clubhouse is needed to breathe some life into the playoffs. If that means trading Bradley Jr., then they should do it.

What Does Dave Dombrowski Do About The Manager And The Team?

Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell speaks during a news conference, Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017, before his team’s workout as they prepare for Sunday’s Game 3 of baseball’s American League Division Series against the Houston Astros in Boston. (AP Photo/Bill Sikes)

The Red Sox have announced this morning that John Farrell will not be the manager in 2018. Farrell, who won back-to-back division titles, and lost back-to-back ALDS titles, was fired this morning. The Red Sox needed a big shakeup. Dave Dombrowski didn’t think that keeping Farrell was in the best interest of the team. You can check off one of the items Dave Dombrowski needed to do this offseason. They wasted no time firing the manager.

The next few weeks could shake up the team even more. The Red Sox have a lot of work to do.