Julian Edelman held his Pro Camp Saturday

Julian Edelman held his Pro Camp for kids in Sudbury Massachusetts. Kids in grades 1-8 get the chance to catch a pass from the Patriot great. They also learn some fundamentals of the game. Even though it is $249 a person, the turnout was still a big one even on a very hot day. With the Pro Camp being held that means football is right around the corner. Training camp begins Thursday in Foxborough.

Edelman is excited for the season to start

Edelman told reporters at the camp “We had summer break, [now] you get to see all the fellas. This is where you learn your team and learn each other and become accountable for each other and work hard together and create a consistency together.”

He also has done a lot for charity

Edelman not only does he do a lot on the football field, he does a lot for charity. Right after the Super Bowl his beard was shaved on the Ellen Degeneres Show in exchange for $10,000 donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Boston. He would also donate another $10,000 for a total $20,000 donated to the Boys and Girls Club. Edelman really does a great job teaching the kids different techniques and plays that are used even on the Patriots.

Edelman did speak about a great opportunity this is for these kids to have a chance to learn the game from the best. He said, “We’re showing them some techniques, giving them little pointers that are fundamental things we do in the pros. That you still have to work on.” Each person goes to each station to learn something new, whether it be on offense or defense. It really is a fun full day of football. Kids also receive Edleman merchandise for participating.