J.D. Martinez held his Pro Camp yesterday

J.D. Martinez held his Pro Camp yesterday in Woburn Ma. It was a hot day, but a lot of kids showed up to learn the fundamentals from the Red Sox great. Martinez loves giving back to the community and teaching kids the game. He took pictures, signed autographs, and had some time for media availability. The Sox had an off day yesterday after taking three out of four from New York over the weekend. They play Tampa at Fenway tonight. Martinez has 22 home runs and 61 RBI so far this season.

Martinez likes to be a role model for the youth

Martinez wants to be the role model for kids that want to be in the Majors like him. It takes a lot of work and determination, but it can be done. It is a great time to give kids the opportunity to learn baseball from a pro too. They learn the basics of holding a bat and throwing a ball. It is a bit pricey: $150 a person, while the Mookie Betts camp is $299 a person on August 15th. But if you want a chance to learn from the pros then it’s worth it.

The Sox have a tough few months ahead before the postseason

On the Red Sox side of things, they have an important series coming up with the Ray at Fenway. Martinez did say they want to win every series they are in and they’re right where they need to be to win every series. Also with the trade deadline coming up, it’ll be interesting to see what they do to improve the team. The Sox need to do something. The bullpen is worse than a year ago, no question about it. The Sox are currently nine games out of the division and a game out of the wild card. The season is a total opposite of last year, which is why they should be buyers at the deadline.