Boston versus New York doesn’t have the same meaning in football

The Patriots travel to play the Jets on Sunday afternoon. The 7-3 Patriots are coming off a bye week after getting pummeled by the Titans in Tennessee. The history of the Patriots and Jets isn’t the same obviously as the Red Sox and Yankees. For one thing, the Jets aren’t that good of a football team. They can’t seem to get it together and get crushed by the Patriots almost every time they play them. With the Red Sox and Yankees, both teams are good and the rivalry is always intense. Those games are primetime and usually come down to the last minute. With the Patriots and Jets, it’s sometimes not even close and it’s over by the first half.

The Patriots and Jets don’t have hype around the games they play against each other.

Devin McCourty is looking forward to going down there on Sunday saying, “When we go down there, it’s not many Patriots fans in there. If they are in there, you probably don’t want to be too loud in that stadium because the Jets fans will get rowdy. It’s a lot of fun.” The Patriots don’t lose back to back games often and after a bye, they’ll be ready to go. Rob Gronkowski will be back after an extended time off due to injury so he should be ready to go.

The Patriots are 61-54 all-time against the Jets. At MetLife Stadium the Patriots are just 4-3 but again the hype between those two teams isn’t there. Despite the Patriots struggles on the road this season, I really don’t see them losing to the Jets – not with again having extra rest and time to prepare. The only great rivalry between Boston and New York is Red Sox versus Yankees. The other three leagues don’t have the same hype.