2018 Success of Boston Head Coaching

For a sports city it is rare for all teams to be playoff contenders. For Boston, that has become the norm, and 2017-2018 has been no different. The Red Sox have started the season 5-1. The Patriots lost in the Superbowl, and the Bruins and Celtics are playoff bound. A big reason for this amazing success is the heading coaching of these teams. Each has their own style, but has created high expectations and have impressed in their respective circles.

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Patriots Head Coach: Bill Belichick

In describing the impact of these coaches, Belichick goes first. Since the Superbowl he has come under fire for numerous things including benching Malcolm Butler. When he came to New England the Patriots were a struggling franchise. Since 2000, they’ve played in eight Super Bowls, winning five. They are constantly in the playoffs and anything less than a Super Bowl has come to be considered a failure. It’s been even more impressive considering Bill has done this in the Salary Cap Era. At times Bill’s head coaching has led to questionable decisions, but since he took over the franchise has become dominant and the envy of the entire league.

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Celtics Head Coach: Brad Stevens

Brad Steven became the Celtics head coach in 2013. Since then he’s had one losing season, and every year the Celtics have improved. He has gotten the best of his players and his teams have become surprise contenders. This season could be considered his best work. The Celtics lost Gordon Hayward in the first game of the season. Key players such as Irving, Smart, and Daniel Theis have missed extended periods have time. Even with all the injuries, the Celtics still have the second best record in the Eastern Conference. Stevens’s head coaching has allowed his young players to excel. He is considered one of the best coaches in the league among his peers, and is a serious contender to win Coach of The Year.

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Bruins Head Coach: Bruce Cassidy

Cassidy became the head coach of the Bruins at mid-season last year. With the Bruins struggling they fired their longtime head coach, Claude Julien. Since Cassidy took over, the Bruins have sixty-seven wins and twenty-six losses. This year the Bruins have been one of the best teams in the NHL. When the season began, no one saw them making a deep Stanley cup run, which now they are poised to do. That is in large part to Cassidy, as he’s turned a team which some considered to be rebuilding into a serious championship contender. With this Bruins team being very young they will be contenders for years to come. If Cassidy keeps pushing the right buttons than he will be as well.

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Red Sox Manager: Alex Cora

The last coach to be mentioned is one who is very early into his tenure. Cora became the Red Sox manager this past off-season. Through the first two series of the season the Red Sox are 5-1. When the Sox hired Cora, it was a move that many praised around the MLB. He is replacing John Farrell, who wasn’t a fan favorite in Boston despite leading them to two division titles. Under Farrell the Sox did not win a postseason series and won only one postseason game. The ultimate goal is winning a championship, but winning a playoff series would show that things have changed in Boston. Cora knows what it takes as last year he was a bench coach for the World Champion Houston Astros. So far his Red Sox tenure is off to a good start.

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