When it came out back in May that Tom Brady would grace this year’s cover of Madden 18, the announcement met with a mix of support and outrage. The dreaded “Madden Curse.” Some, including Brady, say there’s no such thing as curses. Others said that he shouldn’t be on the cover. It will destroy his season. Who, can forget when Rob Gronkowski was the cover boy last year, then sidelined for the season.?

Now, Julian Edelman, Tom Brady’s best friend and most trusted receiver, done for the season with a torn ACL. You can argue about whether starters should be playing in a preseason game.  That’s not the point here. The point is that Tom Brady is immortal and turned the curse on Julian Edelman his favorite reciever and best friend.

Why do I say that? We’ll because look at how Edelman wants to be like Brady. Tom Brady has his “TB12” brand, and Edelman has his “JE11” brand. Last year Edelman was supporting Tom when Brady was on suspension saying he couldn’t wait for him to get back.

Let’s face it Brady is a 40 year old quarterback who wants to keep on playing, giving people tips that 40 is the new 25, with the fitness workout he’s on, and his meals. So back in May Brady shrugged at the “Madden Curse”  in May and pretty much said if he could go through an suspension fine, then he could make it though the season being on the cover of Madden. So if Brady is immortal to the so called “Madden Curse”  it literally went to Julian Edelman a Super Bowl hero, to a torn ACL out for season.