Brady Really Needs a Reliable Receiver

Brady is really struggling to connect with this wide receiving group, and it really showed in New England’s Week 2 loss to Jacksonville. With Kenny Britt coming back to work out for the Patriots today is a sign the Patriots are desperate at the position. It’s really just been screenplays and handoffs to the running backs for the last two weeks. Chris Hogan has been a complete disappointment so far. You would think with Edelman out he would’ve stepped it up. This receiving group might be even worse than the 2006 receiving group. Tom Brady can’t even throw the ball downfield unless it’s to Gronkowski, who was silent in the game.

Brady Has a Right to Be Frustrated

Tom Brady was livid on the bench in the first half of the game. Josh McDaniels was chewing out the offense also. They would then go down the field and just settle for three points to make it 14-3. I guess you can blame Belichick for giving Brady terrible receivers to work with besides Edelman. But also there is no one better at doing more with less than Brady. However, the guys he’s throwing to need to be able to catch and have a good connection with Brady on the field. In the first half, Brady was 12/18 for 107 yards with no touchdowns and zero interceptions.

At the end of the first half of Brady only connected with two receivers: Chris Hogan and Phillip Dorsett. Altogether it was four receptions for 26 yards. That isn’t good enough because Blake Bortles was looking like an NFL MVP in the first half also tearing up the Patriots defense. Overall if Brady can’t connect with this receiving group then this is going to be a long season. Finally Belichick is giving Tom Brady someone decent to throw to with Josh Gordon now a Patriot.

No Positive’s Taken from This Game

If Edelman comes back and gets hurt this offense is really screwed. You can’t rely on Gronkowski and your running backs to win you games. You need reliable receivers that Brady can trust. Not some no-name first round picks from the Cleveland Browns who will be cut in a week. They should’ve kept Danny Amendola. At least he knew the offense, and Brady wouldn’t put Amendola in a spot where he could actually catch it and not get hurt. But Belichick wants Brady to win more with less and not spend money. The offense has a lot of work to do. Thank God the Patriots play the terrible Lions next week.