Brady’s Performance on Sunday

Tom Brady looked sharp over the win against the Houston Texans. At the beginning of the game, it was just him and Gronkowski connecting on the field. All the skipping of offseason workouts for Brady did it mean anything? Or does were the Texans a bad example of a team? Brady did his own thing during the offseason working out his way. He gets to do that he’s the greatest of all time and has earned that right. What we saw Sunday is something we’ve seen Brady do find his main target and try to connect with them.

One pro from the game was Brady to Gronkowski. They both connected really well, all Brady has to do is throw it up there and Gronkowski finds a way to haul it in. Without Gronkowski it’s a little more difficult I think to maybe get the ball to the other receivers. Phillip Dorsett had himself a game too, so did Patterson and James White. Even Devlin had himself a game. My one con from the game was Chris Hogan Brady couldn’t connect with Hogan at all. He missed Hogan twice down the field with the long ball.

Brady To Gronk Was Piece Of Cake

Brady admitted after the game there are things to improve on. For example, leaving some points on the field. Patterson was really only a factor on some screen plays and didn’t go over into the middle of the field like Gronkowski did. Another pro for Brady was his calmness in the pocket looking for the open receiver, tight end, and running back. Without Gronkowski, the drive before halftime would not have gotten us points. My last con would be connecting with Patterson downfield. I think maybe they should try that this week and use it next week in Jacksonville. Also, Brady can’t throw it to Hogan when he’s tripled covered. Gronkowski or Edelman can catch that, but Hogan is neither one of those players.  Overall, I give Brady’s performance a B+ considering all the drama and talk all offseason. Brady is 41 and passed for 277 yards and three touchdowns with only one interception on a tipped ball.

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