It was announced at 6:16 PM on Monday night that New England had sent forward Kristian Nemeth To Sporting Kansas City in exchange for $350,000 in allocation money and a 2020 first round super draft pick. So what does this mean for the Revs going forward?

The Good

This deal does a lot of good for the New England. For one thing, they just freed up more than $1 million in salary cap, for a guy who has only made four starts this year. In those starts, Nemeth got two assists and one goal. All together Nemeth started seven times and made 21 appearances for the Revolution and has only scored one goal and registered three assists. To put it simply, Nemeth wasn’t earning his $1,007,666.67 salary. While Nemeth looked decent so far this year, he wasn’t producing results, which, as a striker, he’s paid to do.

The Bad

The Revs traded Nemeth for $250,000 in TAM and $100,000 in GAM. Back in August last year, they gave the Crew $400,000 for Nemeth last year. That’s simple math; the Revs lost money in this deal. When you don’t look at this from a money standpoint, the Revs have also lost a lot of depth. They went from having 1-2 quality strikers on the bench (Agudelo and Nemeth) to having two less than average strikers (Wright and Femi). It seems like Agudelo is becoming a regular starter so they’ve lost his ability to come on as a super-sub.

Trade Score: B+

Despite the bad, this is a good trade for the Revs. With two days left before the trade window closes, the Revs have an opportunity to sign another player. Now, they have $1,000,000 in cap freed up, and another international spot open to do it. All in exchange for a player that wasn’t even playing that much to begin with. Now we’ll find out if the Revs are using their allocation money now, or use it in the winter. In terms of money rankings, Revs are at or very close to the top in terms of allocation money availability.