The Bruins miss Patrice Bergeron like the Patriots miss Julian Edelman. They’re grasping at straws without Patrice Bergeron, their number-one center, not unlike the Patriots trying to replace Edelman’s production. For the Patriots, the result is a 3-2 start and an offense yet to really find their rhythm. For the Bruins and their 1-2 start, you’re witnessing the importance of  Bergeron to this Bruins team.

Back to the Bergeron. First it was Ryan Spooner centering the top line.  That didn’t work, and now the Bruins need to figure what to do with Spooner. He’s simply not progressing and you can’t keep a center on the team that only plays PP minutes. Last night it was Riley Nash, a career fourth-liner, and as predicted, not a good fit. Enter the real issue –  Bergeron’s natural replacemen, David Backes, is also on the shelf, David. Backes is a natural center forced to play wing for a team supposedly strong up the middle. Without Bergeron’s leadership, some of the younger guys will continue to struggle. If he is out a longer, look for the Bruins to recall JFK to the lineup.

Tuukka Rask

If you’re a Tuukka Rask hater, the season has started swimmingly for you.  Before you jump all over me, I get it.  The team hasn’t looked good, but that does not absolve Rask of his share of the blame. The puck he poorly played in Monday’s game is inexcusable. The player was not bearing down on him.  A terrible decision, making the game 3-0 and all but thwarted any chance of a Bruins comeback.  Soft goals continue to plague him, as they did in last year’s playoff series versus Ottawa. The season is young and maybe he just needs more time to find his game, but so far this season he is providing more fuel for his detractors.

Better Days Ahead

That’s the bad news. The good news? We’re three games into the season in which the entire league seems upside down. Vegas is 3-0, the Pens lost 10-1 and the Oilers, everyone’s pre-season Stanley Cup pick, is off to a slow start at 1-2. Bruins fans have zero patience — a staple of this fan base. But we’re going to have to dig deep and exercise some.  This team will right the ship.