The Youth and Low Expectations
First, let’s state the obvious – The Bruins are in full youth movement mode. As evidenced by the number of rookies in the lineup but even more importantly, their erratic and inconsistent play. Because of the move to the young guns, expectations for this Bruins team are low. At the top of expectation scale is the 7th or 8th playoff spot, and at the bottom, missing the playoffs altogether. Any lower and this would be an article on the top 2018 NHL prospects.

Injured Again
Now that the case has been stated, should the Bruins trade David Krejci. The oft injured center is on the shelf again, and looks like he’ll miss Thursday’s game, and who knows after that. When healthy and effective he’s a talent. Especially come playoff time. He can elevate his game to Tom Brady like heights. But during the regular season, he is just an above average center in this league.

Closing Argument
Normally I’d want to keep a guy that raises his level of play in the SCP, but what good is that to a team with low expectations like the Bruins. On top of that, a David Krecji deal could get you another good young player, maybe a draft pick or two or even a young defenseman that could play right now. It also allows you to play David Backes back at his natural center position. Something I’ve been pining for since his signing. Lastly, the organization could bring up Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson (JFK) and really dive in head first to the deep end of the youth movement pool.


Something to think about as the Bruins continue the 2017-18 NHL season filled with youth, erratic play and low expectations.