Since the Bruins have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs , it’s time to think about an important date for next season.  This year, the Bruins will again play in the annual NHL Winter Classic.

Jersey Fashions Through the Decades

Let’s take a look at the history of the Bruins jerseys, and a concept I have for this year’s version.  In 2010 they played in historic Fenway Park versus the Philadelphia Flyers in a thrilling OT win. The original jersey used for this game is either a fan favorite or not liked at all.  The gold and brown was my favorite simply because it stood out.  Not just another black jersey.  The 2010 jersey had the center logo crest made of felt and used the rounded B logo version from the 1948/49 season.  The Bruins sported brown and gold when first coming into the NHL.  The Bruins could use this jersey on Black Friday for the Thanksgiving Showdown game.  The colors fit in perfectly for that holiday, and could sell briskly in the pro shop.
In 2016, they were again chosen to host this annual event.  This time Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, became the Bruins home ice for the day.  The match up paired them against long-time rivals the Montreal Canadiens. The game itself was forgettable, but the jerseys were a nice homage to their history.
The jersey was black and gold.  Fans loved it or hated it because of the so-called ‘fireman’ look. This jersey featured a center logo of felt and displayed a version of the bear logo used in 1924/25 season.  They also decided to use this as their third jersey during the season until Adidas took over and did away with the third jersey.

New Design for the Old Black, Gold and White

The Bruins will again play in a Winter Classic, in an original six match up versus the Chicago Blackhawks at Notre Dame Stadium.  This brings us to another jersey design opportunity. The Bruins have used their history as the primary design element in planning the jerseys. First by using the gold and brown colors for 2010 and then with the original jersey style in 2016.
We will start with the center logo, which I think should be the gold B that was used in the years of Orr, O’Reilly and Bourque.  We have not seen that logo since they changed uniforms when they moved to the new TD Garden. This could pay homage to the old Garden years when they were known as the Big Bad Bruins, punishing teams in the confines of that rink that many people still remember vividly.  I also believe since they have used gold and black jerseys that white would be ideal on this version.  Another difference for this version would be the gold B logo on a white jersey, previously only the road jersey of that time. The logo is currently used by the Alumni team again harkening back to their history.
Regardless of the jersey they do wear for that game, we’ll see many fans wearing them. Bruins fans support this team, Black, Gold or White.