Bullpen Needs New Starting Pitchers

The Red Sox were rebuilding their bullpen during the 2017 season, but with a new coaching staff for 2018, another update may be needed.

E-Rod Now in Recovery

Eduardo Rodriguez recently had surgery, and is now in the recovery process. He will not be able to start until May or June, at the earliest. Even then, he may only be pitching out of the bullpen. Rodriguez struggled with his knee throughout the season, and was eventually placed on the 10-day DL. After his return, it was obvious Rodriguez was going to need to look at surgical options during the offseason. With Rodriguez out for spring training, the Red Sox will need to look into another starting pitcher for the 2018 season.

Is Price The New Secret Weapon?

After David Price returned from the DL, it took time to work him back into the pitching rotation. The coaching staff decided he wouldn’t start, but rather would play when necessary. Price was quick to show his injury not only made him stronger, but he was also back to earn his spot in the rotation. He proved his value in late middle relief. He thrives off run support, and a strong offense behind him. With Price pitching as middle relief, things are looking up for the bullpen.

Porcello Not As Strong As 2016

It was clear to Red Sox Nation that something about Rick Porcello was different this season. He didn’t play like the Cy Young winner he was for the 2016 season. After watching Porcello play, he didn’t seem injured. It appeared as though he was not practicing, or looking for any way to improve. Porcello needs to work on his pitching throughout the offseason if he wants to stay in the starting rotation for 2018.

Doug Fister- A Giant Question Mark

Doug Fister was a question mark all season. No one knew if he would have a great game, or a terrible one. With Alex Cora coming in, he will want the starting rotation to be reliable. Fister showed progress throughout the 2017 season. He carried an ERA of 4.88 for 2017, which was the highest ERA of his career. This could be a red flag to the new pitching staff when deciding if they will re-sign him for 2018.