The best esports competitors in the world train for hours each day. For these elite gamers, dexterity, flexibility, and strength are essential to the game they want to put out on the stage at matches, tournaments, and even in practice with their teams. Esports has come a long way in just a few short years, with new and exciting games making their way into the lineup of competitive gaming each and every month and year. The best gamers out there are creative in their approach to the field of play and exciting to watch—and the viewership of these events has skyrocketed as a result.

Esports is changing the world of competition.

sports stars face the same types of mental and physical rigors that any other athlete might have to overcome. While a gamer who excels in Minecraft hosting might not have to run as a part of their craft, the mental fortitude and hand dexterity required to maintain the level of gameplay for competitiveness is no joke. Minecraft is a fantastic example of the effort and stamina required of esports athletes. Minecraft is an extremely fun pastime for millions, yet the top players are asked for so much more. Building worlds, hosting events, and maintaining a top-quality avatar are all in a day’s work for these digital celebrities.

A soccer player might run 10 miles over the course of a match, but a racecar driver—who doesn’t run at all—must maintain intense focus and alertness for hours on end. The same sort of approach is required of esports superstars, and the competition often takes its toll, just like in other arenas.

CBD might just provide the answer.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a hemp plant product that departs significantly from the commonly known cannabinoid THC. Unlike THC, CBD products offer all the same great benefits that cannabis users have been touting for many years while eliminating the “high” that prevents the constant focus that many people require for daily activities and schedules.

For a rising star in the esports world, THC products may provide the boost required to get over a slump or bring their game to the next level, but the intoxicating effect will likely take away from this progress over the long term as THC is well-known as a relaxing yet distracting recreational product. CBD is different, as it’s derived from a different part of the plant entirely, and often cultivated in hemp plants with particularly low THC levels in order to allow the cannabidiol and other cannabinoids to shine in the growing process. The best CBD oil for pain can offer a fantastic boost to any esports player’s game and give them the focus and relaxation effects that they’re looking for in a good, well-rounded supplement.

CBD is prized for its natural calming and dexterity traits, perfect for the needs of a serious competitor in the esports world. Of course, it’s essential to consult with your doctor and FDA guidelines for the best in professional medical advice before adding any supplement to your routine. CBD might provide the answer to your carpal tunnel symptoms, but speaking with your doctor about the inclusion of a CBD oil, CBD gummy, or other CBD product, as well as dosage guidance, will help you make this determination for yourself.

CBD may just be the supplement you’re looking for as an esports superstar. Speak with your doctor about any benefits this natural hemp plant supplement may provide in order to gain a fuller understanding of what’s available to you and your ongoing health needs. Carpal tunnel syndrome can act as a major setback for someone who works with their hands all day, and a CBD oil may just provide the relief you need.