In March 2020, the Pats suffered a loss when quarterback Tom Brady left the team. The squad’s loss became more hurtful for fans when he won a Super Bowl after leaving. The Bills now comfortably sit among the top 5 teams from the odds to win the Super Bowl. Other squads include the Kansas City Chiefs, the Bucs, the Packers, and the San Francisco 49ers.

After all of the Patriot’s experiences, including losing their quarterback, is there anything in store for them? Can the team make odds of 500 or even make the playoffs? Here’s what the Pats need to do for a higher chance of making the playoffs:

Beat the Dolphins for the Second Spot

The Miami Dolphins currently hold a position as the second in the AFC East. If the Pats successfully beat the Dolphins at the second spot, they may make it to the Playoffs. All Patriots fans want the squad winning the entire east, but it’s important to stay realistic.

Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa from the Dolphins is a rookie but can be a weapon in the team’s artillery. The athlete experienced good moments in the squad and may have the skills to lead the team to the playoffs. Apart from the quarterback, other significant players in the team include WR Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle.

With the solid pillars of Dolphin’s defense, dropping from the second spot in the AFC East wouldn’t be straightforward. The team has cornerbacks Xavien and Bryon and defensive end Emmanuel ensuring there are no loose ends. It’s imperative not to forget LB Jerome Baker and safety Eric Rowe keeping the losses low.

The Miami Dolphins may be an impressive football team. However, their previous performance doesn’t stop the Pats from kicking them off their AFC East position. Both teams are also significant rivalries. 

From 1986 to 1988 and 2010 to 2013, the Patriots experienced a winning streak of seven consecutive victories. If the Dolphins slack in performance, the Pats may be close to taking over the spot in the AFC East. Bettors can place wagers on the Patriots odds to reach the playoffs by taking the position.

Win Three or More of the AFC South Games

Playing and winning the AFC South games shouldn’t be difficult for the Pats. In the meantime, teams frontrunners of the conference include excellent teams like Titans, Colts, Texans, and Jags. Those four teams consistently battle for the top position in the division.

If the New England Patriots win against three of the top teams in the AFC South, they could make the playoffs. Any outcome other than defeating those teams may significantly affect the Patriots’ odds. It’s essential to know more about these four teams and their abilities.

More About the Teams in the AFC South to Win

Pats will get in the Wild Card by winning three or all games in the AFC South as an NFL Division. These squads include:

  • Colts – It’s no news that the Indianapolis Colts traded two draft picks for quarterback Carson Wentz. The team has a priority to keep Wentz due to his history of season-ending injuries. Frank Reich has a lot under his sleeves for his team. It wouldn’t surprise fans if the coach also looks out for deals on O-linemen in the free agency market.
  • Titans – Tennessee Titans maintain an upward swing among other teams in the NFL. The team made it to the postseason for two consecutive seasons, with Vrabel providing consistent wins. Without a doubt, fans can’t rule out that Titans can make the playoffs with their performance.
  • Texans – Pats may find it easy to win against the Houston Texans, primarily due to the recent happenings in their team. Since the past few seasons, the squad has given away their best defensive player, J.J Watt, and the offensive target. For those reasons, a defeat from the New England Patriots wouldn’t be a surprise.
  • Jags – Last season, the Jacksonville Jaguars managed to earn the first pick in the overall NFL draft. The team has one of the top NFL players in history, Lawrence, who plays with great accuracy, size, football IQ, and arm strength.

We Just Got to Trust Bill Belicheck

Coaching as far back as 1996 doesn’t come easy, especially for 69-year-old Bill. An individual leading an NFL team for that long shows his level of expertise. It also proves he’s capable of drawing out the best tactics for the team to follow. Currently, it’s also year two of QB Cam Newton in the Pats. If Newton gets hot, the Pats rivalries need to watch out.

Will the Pats Give their Best to Make the Playoffs?

We can’t be too sure about the Pats’ performance in future games. However, Bill is certainly doing his best to get the team to make the playoffs. If the team beats the Dolphins for the second spot and wins the AFC South games, the playoffs become more feasible.