Retiring from a professional sports career can be a daunting time for any athlete. From football and rugby to ice hockey and basketball, this transition often involves stepping away from the arena into the unknown. While this may be challenging, this change can also be literating and offer a range of exciting opportunities.

In this blog post, we explore three popular career paths for retired sports stars.


One of the most disconcerting aspects of retirement can be stepping away from your daily routine. While this is true of most careers, it is particularly true for professional sports players who arrange their lives around rigorous and demanding training schedules.

As such, graduating into coaching is a logical step for many former sports players. Whether this involves coaching young teams or mentoring professional athletes, coaching allows retired sports stars to maintain a familiar routine. Additionally, coaching provides an opportunity to share knowledge and guide the next generation of athletes, both of which can be incredibly rewarding.


Punditry and commentating are ideal career paths for retired sports stars. After years of competing, former players possess a deep understanding of the game which can be used to shine a new perspective on their sport. Becoming a commentator is an excellent way to share their expert analysis, unique insights and personal experiences.

For sports stars who have become accustomed to delivering interviews, commentating is an opportune career path. This allows players to stay in the spotlight while using their communication skills and knowledge to contribute to their beloved sport. Additionally, former sports stars are often popular with fans who love hearing from their favourite players.


Like coaching and punditry, journalism is another career path for retired sport stars. For those who enjoy writing, there is a world of opportunities available for talented players. This includes print journalism, sports websites or even books.

This post-playing career allows former stars to step away from the spotlight and embark on a quieter venture. By revisiting their playing days and telling their stories, or using their experience to provide some experiential input on the latest head to head games, former athletes can combine their passion with the power of the written word.


Retiring from a sports career does not mean leaving the world of sports. In fact, it can lead to a whole host of fulfilling second careers. This includes the three options listed here, each of which allow athletes to remain involved in the sports they love, utilise their expertise and inspire the next generation of athletes.