Athletes practice with their utmost determination and remain committed towards their sport. An interview was conducted with Andy Huang Coach and power-lifter in Southern California). His experience could answer many questions arising in people’s mind. He gave all his experience credit to the helpers in his life and it is a great appreciation!

What sport do you play? What are your practice hours per week? How would you rate the training, rigorous level?

I’ve been practicing Powerlifting as my sports profession. I stand in the top 3 rankings all over the world based on my “weight class.” In each week, I practiced for 5 days. The training hours remain extremely high in terms of rigorousness. During the workout period, I often lift a weight over 700 to 800 lbs.

During the training, do you feel exhausted or get severe injuries?

Every week, the situation of tiredness and agonizing happens in a repeated manner. While lifting the heavyweights, it invites a toll for my body and health every single day. Every single hour demands a high level of energy which ultimately resulted in a greater level of fatigue and drowsiness. In a month, it is about 5 to 7 days, which make me feel like a ‘normal person.’

What is the role played by CBD products in your life or sport?

CBD products are playing a crucial role in fulfilling the daily essential needs to recover my body.

Have you planned any routine schedule which you follow while recovering from the rigorous practice session?

I am conscious of my muscles and rely on recovery cream for best results. With the CBD oil, it is extremely helpful for me to recover. I use the oil drops just before 20 minutes from going to sleep daily.

Would you like to give any advice to the people who haven’t tried CBD?

There is no problem in giving a trial. One can begin with CBD by consuming a small dose and consequently increasing the dose in accordance with your need. Conduct a little research for any of your queries. Try with a few drops and it won’t be providing any side effects also!

With the help of the interview, the powerlifters might get an overview of the CBD oil consumption in their routine. CBD is completely regarded as a “safe compound” and completely legal which can help in several health conditions as mentioned below:

Reduce pain occurrence of inflammation

CBD acts as a painkiller which reduced the symptoms associated with inflammation. It is a great remedy which cast magic spells over the aches and also helps to treat severe injuries. This results in the easiness of healing bones and muscles. With the presence of “high antispasmodic properties,” it is a cure for the muscle strains also. The spasms in muscles arise due to the occurrence of nerve or spine injuries which is reduced by CBD consumption with a speedy rate. During the CBD consumption, it is a must to be very particular about its dosage according to your medical condition.

Helps in keeping the mind and body relaxed

Every athlete wants to go through a relaxation mode for mind and body. It is the main reason behind the athletes shifting towards supplements ensuring high relaxing impact. When exploring CBD in terms of relaxing effect, it is a great option. CBD acts as a fighter for all the stress in the human mind and body. With the CBD consumption, the cortisol secretion gets reduced which is the main hormone resulting in stressful conditions.

Keep a proper check on insulin levels

CBD is providing great benefits in this area. Now, the question is – Is it related to athletes? The hormone is acting as an influential factor in two particular areas including fat build-up and muscle growth, it particularly depends upon its amount which is present in the bloodstream. During the time when insulin gets inserted into the human muscle, it results in the initiation of certain processes. All these processes play a major role in raising the synthesis of protein. When looking at it in terms of fat build-up, during the time of insulin insertion into the body, the body stops from using any of its fat stores as a source of fuel. The focus starts getting shifted on the “nutrients” from the ingested source.