Importance of the Second Unit

Coming into the season, the Celtics were not expected to lean heavily on their bench players. That changed opening night, due to Gordon Hayward’s gruesome injury. This put more pressure on the Celtics bench, and those players have produced. It will be hard to replace Hayward’s talent, without making a blockbuster deal. The Celtics are relying on their second unit, and so far it’s worked. Players such as Terry Rozier, Daniel Theis, and Marcus Smart have stepped up. The Celtics will need this to continue as the season goes on, and they try to win a championship.

The Veterans On The Celtics Bench

The Celtics bench is comprised of young players. Through the early part of the season, these players have stepped up. Terry Rozier is in the midst of a break year. He is averaging nine points per game, along with 4.9 rebounds per game. Marcus Smart has continued to be a defensive enforcer, and has hit clutch shots of late. Both these players have multiple years of NBA experience, and are showing improvement in their game. Aron Baynes is the oldest of the group, he’s in his fifth year in the NBA. He doesn’t put up godly stats, but he has been a serviceable big man of the bench. The biggest and most pleasant surprise from the bench, has been the play of the rookies.

Celtics Bench

The Rookies

The Celtics bench includes four rookies, who have each stepped up. The two most impressive have been Daniel Theis and Semi Ojeyele. Stevens has showed trust in both these rookies, they are playing ten minutes a game. Theis has been a force on the boards at times, and provides the second unit with a spark. Semi hasn’t been as impactful on the boards, but he’s still contributed. He’s been smart handling the ball, and has earned praise from his teammates, such as Al Horford. These rookies will go through their struggles, but so far that hasn’t been the case, and coach Brad Stevens has rewarded them.

Celtcis Bench

What To Look For As The Season Goes On

As the season goes on, these players will have their ups and downs. It is critical that they continue to play with the confidence they have thus far. If they can, this Celtics team will surprise people. When Gordon Hayward went down, many feared the season had changed dramatically. So far this Celtics bench has shown that they intend to surprise people, and Celtics fans won’t mind that.