With trade talks heating up, Rich Paul told SI Now that the Celtics could trade for AD, but that’d be a near-guarantee he leaves after the season. This raises the question of what AD’s worth is to the Celtics if he isn’t staying. There are many factors to consider, and we’ll look at the important ones in this article.

Have One-Year rentals worked and changed?

Many people like to say that, when they take a one-year rental, they can convince him to stay. Does this actually work, though? In the case of Kawhi Leonard, it certainly seems that way. Leonard got traded to Toronto on the assumption that he’d decline his option and be a free agent. Instead, Toronto is on the precipice of its first franchise Finals win with Leonard poised to stay. This situation is not the rule, but certainly a possibility.

Jayson Tatum has limitless potential and almost certainly would be a centerpiece of trade talks

What would the Celtics have to give up?

It’s almost a guarantee that the Celtics would give up almost all its current first-round picks in order to acquire Anthony Davis. However, a trancendant talent like Davis isn’t pried away with uncertain rookies alone. Jayson Tatum, though up and down, has been a star in the making for the C’s and shows much talent. He’d be a piece the Pelicans would want to cushion the blow.

There’s no guarantee that Irving returns if the Celtics get AD

Would it help them get Kyrie back?

Kyrie Irving has declined his player option, and is set to hit free agency. The Celtics want him back, and see Davis as their way to do so. However, its not as simple as that. Kyrie and the Celtics have created a rift where the team would need to ‘sell their soul’ to have him back. AD or not, it’s likely that Kyrie can’t be bought back by the C’s.

DECISION: Not worth it

The Celtics have too much to lose here. Irving is already one foot out the door unless they land Kevin Durant. Paul’s comments make it seem as if there’s zero chance AD stays there, with a track record to prove it. And in the end, the Celtics young core that it would blow up to land AD is more valuable in the long run. The Celtics would be wise to avoid Davis.