Celtics Preseason Game Recap vs Hornets.

C´s won with a Final Score of 94 – 82. This was our first look with the new team, and what a fun night!


The game started with some ugly missfires, as expected, but the ball movement was excellent. The C´s had eight buckets in seven dimes to start the game. Everyone was unselfish and the ball did not stick with just one player.

Check this out:

Have look at this pass by Al. That is your Center folks.

And yes, that is Kyrie dunking. I have seen Kyrie dunk twice his entire career. It was surprising to see him dunk, but I bet my money we won´t see much of it comes the regular season. Kyrie finished the game (only played first half) with nine points and five rebounds. G-Hayward added five and five. Al was really impressive with seven points, six rebounds and four assists in just 16 minutes of action. He and Hayward also did not play in the second half.


Aaron Baynes was the the man of the night, for multiple reasons as you will find out later. The big guy punched in 10 points and grabbed five rebounds. But the stats won´t tell the entire story. He was hustling, contesting shots, playing good defense and really looked good taking and making the mid-range jump shots.

Marcus Smart came off the bench, was on pace to take 16 threes and did what Marcus does, hustle and have winning plays. He hit three of seven from beyond the arc. Jayson Tatum looked a bit nervous, as result, some ugly shots and misses. This was expected, as a 19-year old rookie basically trying to do everything right in his first career NBA game. He did settle down later on, finishing with nine points.

The rookie from Germany, Daniel Theis, really put in an impressive performance. In just 14 minutes of action, he piled up 12 points, seven rebounds and three assists. From catching lobs, to setting picks and rolling to the hoop, to rebounding. He did it all. Celtics Nation should not overreact to this, because it was against players who will probably never see the floor with the Hornets.  Don’t forget — just preseason, but the results look encouraging. Theis has more experience and eventually will end up as a rotation player ahead of Yabu.

Abdel added 10 points. Larkin really kept the ball moving with the second unit. Nice showing in the limited minutes played. Yabu also seemed a little bit nervous, but he did hit the offensive glass hard multiple times.

Lots of positives in the first game, but remember, it´s just the preseason. Slow down on the hot-take cannons for now.


Regular season has yet to begin and Tommy is already at it:

Celtics next preseson game is Friday, when they take on the 76ers.