When it comes to the 2017-2018 NBA season – at least so far – games don’t get much more exciting than the nail-biter between the Boston Celtics and the Indiana Pacers.

Terry Rozier’s steal against the Pacers in Indiana will long be remembered as one of the most clutch plays ever. It gave Boston the unpredictable and heart-stopping win, leaving the Pacers with nothing to do but look dejected and think ahead to revenge.
After leading by as many as 19 points earlier in the game, Boston surprisingly found itself trailing by one point with less than 10 seconds left to play. Indiana was in possession of the ball out of bounds in the hands of Bojan Bogdanovic. Hindsight is always 50-50, but given the circumstances Bogdanovic would’ve been well advised to hold onto the ball in the hope that Boston would foul him. Instead, he inexplicably opted to pass, letting Rozier pick it off, run for the basket and sink the game-winning 2-pointer.

Final score: 112-111 Celtics.

Ecstasy for Boston fans and sheet misery for every Pacer fan in Indiana.
Despite the drama at the end, and the tight score, the Celtics looked strong throughout. The Pacers showed heart and guts – regardless of that moment of catastrophic judgment at the end. But Boston, particularly in the form of Kyrie Irving, gave another stellar performance to come away with the win. Irving scored 30 points on 12-of-23 shooting, including two 3-pointers that he hit in the closing minutes. Those two triples brought Boston within one point and gave Rozier the opportunity to steal, and then to score the unforgettable winning basket.

The Celtics Need Strong D

It’s easy to forget when watching a close call like the Celtics had on Tuesday night that the team just recently ended their epic 16-game winning streak. A run in which was in large part due to their mighty defense. To regain momentum and to display the same brilliance as during the streak, Boston clearly must revive its lagging defense. It’s a challenge on two levels. The first is trying to settle the young players’ lack of experience of working as one unit. The second is Kyrie Irving, who while showing great defense during the winning streak, is not a classic “D” player. With the streak ended, pundits are blaming the lack of defense – particularly on Kyrie’s part. For Boston’s struggle to re-find the magic, and it remains to be seen how Coach Brad Stevens plans to reignite his team.

Boston Celtics Are In for the Long Haul

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