Celtics fans have been confounded throughout the season because the team they cheer for has
been, at times, very good but mostly just good enough. If someone told you before the season
began that the Shamrocks would be the No. 4 seed in the East when the playoffs commenced,
you would have to believe that your local entry either underachieved or was ravaged by
injuries. Did Hayward’s leg not heal? Did the long grind that is the NBA season, take its toll on
Kyrie again – only in December instead of March? How about the young guns, Tatum, Brown, or
Terry? Maybe Big Al got beat up in the paint and beaten down in the homestretch?
Injuries would have at least given fans a reason to forgive and forget but the lack of cohesion
and team chemistry has been nothing short of stunning, considering last season’s gutsy run into
the conference finals without their two resident superstars. However, sports is a what have you
done for me lately kind of business and right now you can’t complain about the results. Boston
is fresh off of a series sweep of the Indiana Pacers and even the most jaded cynic would be
hard-pressed to complain. But now the rubber hits the road as the Celtics prepare for the beast
of the East, the Milwaukee Bucks. Some of the best betting websites found all in one place at
Sportsbook Review, are dealing the Bucks as 7 ½ point Game 1 favorites and -270/+230 series
chalk over the lads in green. Now we will find out what this team is truly made of, and whether
or not all of this talent on paper will bear fruit in April, May, and dare we say June?
Enjoy basking in the afterglow of Boston’s 110-106 series-clinching win over the Pacers because
the road will be quite a bit bumpier from here on out. But why not revel in Gordon Haywood’s
20-point performance and cheer another unsung hero effort by Marcus Morris? Kyrie only got
14 but played solid defense and got back in transition. Things are looking up, right? Kyrie told us
the playoffs would change everything, the Celts would flip a switch, and right now it’s hard to
doubt him. The Celtics’ superstar was also complimentary of Hayward.
“I knew there was going to be a spark off the bench. (On Sunday) and that person was Gordon
Hayward,” All-Star guard Kyrie Irving said. “This is his city. I’m glad he had a chance to put on a
performance like that in a closeout game.”
Jayson Tatum echoed Irving’s sentiments regarding the playoff Celtics versus the regular season
Celtics. “We’re clicking at the right time. We look like the team everybody thought we would be
at the beginning of the season. It took some ups and downs for us to get here, but I like the way
we look.”

It’s hard not to like the way the C’s look because a sweep is indeed a rare occurrence. However,
it’s just business as usual when it comes to Kyrie Irving. Between his tenure in Cleveland and his
stint in Boston, Irving is a mind-boggling 16-0 in his four first-round series’. Don’t forget, he
didn’t dress last year when the Celtics knocked off the Bucks in seven games, thus his record
remains pristine. Irving is, of course, just one piece of the puzzle and the Celtics will need a
complete team effort if they are to get by what many believe is their biggest adversary in the
postseason. Time will tell and so too will Boston’s defense. Shutting down the Greek Freak,
Giannis Antetokounmpo, won’t be easy but this team has the ability to do just that…don’t they?