Chris Hogan and Sony Michel held a Football Clinic

Twenty-Four hours after the Patriots beat the Colts on Thursday Night Football, a New England Women’s Football Clinic was held on the field. The event had Wide Receiver Chris Hogan and Rookie running back Sony Michel. With most of the media attending the game the night before, only Boston Sports Extra and Boston Sports Chick were covering the event. Stations were set up all over the field for the participants to be able to catch a pass from Chris Hogan or get a handoff from Sony Michel. Overall a great event and Something that Hogan has been doing for two years.

Interview with Chris Hogan

I got a chance to speak to Hogan who’s excited to have Julian Edelman back. After the win on Thursday night having  Edelman in the offense really helps it run smoother. Hogan also loves having Tom Brady as his quarterback, after throwing his 500th touchdown pass on Thursday night there really is no one better in the game than him. Hogan has been with the Patriots for three seasons and has caught 11 touchdowns, has 83 receptions, and 1,262 yards. So far this season he has 11 receptions for 143 yards and two touchdowns.

Hogan Is Big In The Community

Hogan is also involved with the HEADstrong Foundation which is an organization working to improve lives affected by Cancer. During the 2017-2018 season, Hogan pledged $27 dollars per reception and $150 dollars per touchdown.  Between his receptions and touchdowns last season he raised $1,668. The foundation was started by  Nicholas Colleluori who was a multisport athlete at Hofstra University. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma and passed away in 2006, now Hogan wears a green wristband in his memory during games. The foundation has raised around $10 million.


When Edelman was suspended, it was thought that Hogan would be the next guy Brady would go to a lot. But like every season the beginning of it Brady was having a hard time connecting with his receivers. Things got better in week three, and really looked better in week four. The real test comes a week from Sunday when they take Kansas City on Sunday Night Football. Also, follow all the writers for Boston Sports Extra, they really do give you the best unbiased Boston Sports coverage.