While you were busy watching the Bruins in the Eastern Conference Finals, or the Celtics ping pong balls, Chris Sale was dealing. After striking out 9 in his first four innings, he proceeded to finish with 17 in seven. Not bad being shoulder to shoulder with Pedro Martinez in 2000.

A twisting ball in the corner evaded JD Martinez to end his no-hitter bid, but Sale bounced back with weak fly ball to left and 2 more strikeouts.

It didn’t hurt to have yet another moonshot from Michael Chavis to lift Sox fans spirits:

In his last inning he gave up a single to Trevor Story, then a Green Monster homer to Arenado. But those guys came in destroying left handed pitching all year.

Chris Sale rallied back to strikeout 17 in seven innings. That’s a new career high, so it’s safe to say he’s back on track.

Brandon Workman did his best to lose the game, allowing a two run homer to Charlie Blackmon in the 8th to put the Sox down 4-3 and deny Sale the win. Moreland knocked in Devers in the bottom of the 8th to tie the game, but Mark Reynolds of the Rockies singled in a run to give the Rockies a lead in the 11th and the Red Sox lost. But don’t let it besmirch a performance like this.