Christian Vazquez has been the lock for the starting catcher ever since Spring Training began. He split the time last year with Sandy Leon, but that won’t be happening going forward. Cora has already stated that Vazquez will be the starting catcher, and Leon won’t be Sale’s personal catcher for 2018.

Vazquez recently got some more good news as the Red Sox re-signed him to a three-year extension with a club option for the 2022 season.

Last year, Vazquez played in 99 games and hit .290 with a .735 OPS. For a guy who doesn’t necessarily have the biggest slugging percentage in the world, it’s hilarious whenever he hits a home run because it’s always a bomb. He doesn’t hit many, but when he gets ahold of one, watch out.

One great thing about Christian is his personality. If you don’t follow him on Instagram or Snapchat (if you’re into those sorts of things), you should definitely rethink that decision and hit that follow button. He’s always smiling, playing around, and most importantly just having fun. That’s the kind of player you want on your team. Someone who always has a smile on their face and is having a good time.

Now if I haven’t mentioned it yet, he’s a pretty darn good player. He has a gun for an arm and is great at pitch framing. Vazquez was always looked at as a weak hitter, but from what he’s shown from last year, he can hit. He can make a lineup better, unlike Sandy Leon the past couple years.

So, Christian Vazquez is now locked up and will be staying here for a while. I, and all of Red Sox Nation, should have no problem with that.

Vazquez has been a part of this team for longer than you think. He’s been here since 2014. Crazy, right? But Christian Vazquez’s legacy didn’t truly start until his seventh inning bomb off Dellin Betances back from 2016 that still hasn’t landed yet. He also added to his legacy with last year’s game winning homer against Cleveland. Christian Vazquez is going to be staying here for a while, and it is will be exciting to see whats to come and what special moments are to come throughout the next several years.