There are no new sports that have emerged for so many years now but the esports are emerging and are competing with the traditional sports. The esports are making name for themselves and are getting to the top because of all the positive remarks and advantages of esport games. The younger generation is attracted the most and the future is looking more flourishing than before. Some of the contrasting comparisons of esports with normal sports are given in this article!


NewZoo has reported about the economy and realistic future potential of Esports in the global esports market Report of 2017. In this report, the growth of esports economy has reached $696 Million. The sponsoring bands have spent more than $517 million on esports as reported by the global esports report of 2017. It is also started that this investment is very likely to get doubled by 2020 to $1.5 billion.

Prize Money

In the early times when Esports has just started, there was no concept of prize money. Even if there was some sort of a prize for the winning team, it was only a small amount. But, now with the growth of the gaming industry, the prizes for the winning teams have also increased to a large amount. The international tournament of DOTA 2 in 2015 was a tournament that took place for the 5 days and the winning prize was of 18,429,613 US$. This was a real large sum of money as a winning prize and it is the 4th largest too in the history of sports. In the year 2016, this prize money even increased further than this and it reached to 20,770,640 US$. Now that’s GRAND!

Structure of teams

There are many leagues in esports and all of these games have different team structures and rules. The teams of the institutes have many teams for different leagues. You can take Team Liquid and Cloud 9 as an example as both of them have many teams for some esport games. There are teams for DOTA 2, Starcraft 2, League of Legends and CS:GO. We know that it’s confusing but all the hot sports and good and bad teams change all the time. There is one best team at one time and you can see that within a month, some other team took place as the best team instead of the previous one. It’s always changing!


Esports are global because it is on the internet and you can watch it and participate in the tournaments from anywhere in the world. This gives it an Olympic like tension and you can call Esports as fundamental intergalactic.

Change of Games

The games are changing all the time. At one time, there is a game that is very interesting and popular but within some time, a sequel is released which is even better so that gets the top position. This is a really interesting way of keeping the Esports audience engaged and interested in the esports.


The rules of games are very complex because they keep on changing and are also very different for all the games. If you are a gamer that plays multiple games then you can understand the complexity very easily as it takes a lot of practice and time in completely understanding the rules of MOBA games. The audience of the esports is getting larger and larger because the statistics and visual cues are getting better and they are helping the audience in understanding the game better.

Due to this complexity, there are many times when it get frustrating as your teammates are not able to understand the technique or you get struck in a division. To get out of this frustration, Elo boosting comes in handy as they get you out of the situation so that you can enjoy the next level of the game. Elo boosting gives you a chance in playing with the other high-level players. It’s a best way in increasing the in-game rank.


The viewership of the esports is getting larger by the time because of its global nature and the online nature. It is getting so high that it can be compared to the other sports. There were 27 million viewers for the league of legends’ championship finals of 2013 which was the second largest audience in sports championship. It was second to Super Bowl. Twitch TV is the best way to watch your favorite esport and to chat with other spectators. There are many fans who are watching for the fun while there are others who watch for the learning purposes. It was noted that there were 100 million viewers in 2016 on twitch TV and the viewers are only increasing from day to day. It is predicted that the viewers for esports will be more than the NFL Football by 2020. The technology and media companies are keeping an eye on the audience of the esports because it is predicted that it will be a great way of income in the near future. Also, esports is allowing Manchester City Clubs and PSG Clubs to increase their global profile.

Change of Rules

The rules of the games are getting changes or updated at all the time so that the things can remain fair and to keep the game interesting. If the rules of other sports changes like the esports than it will be really weird and it is just simply not possible. Let’s say that the hockey rules change like esports’ then it can be like the Ice may have less friction or like the goalies will move 20% slower. Well, all of them are really weird! It’s simply not gonna happen and is not even possible. 


It is not possible to break the rules in esports because if you are playing a virtual football game then you can’t touch the soccer ball while you can touch the ball if you are playing in real life. Touching the soccer ball with hands gives a penalty kick to the other team so a referee is needed to watch out for these cases but since in esports, it is not possible, so the referee is also not needed.


There are hours of practice and dedication and talent require if you are aiming to succeed in the esports. You can get top position in esports with all this hard work but you need to do even more hard work to stay in the top position. There are promising salaries for the players as of now and the future of esports is also looking very promising and bright because the kids and teenagers are thrilled to opt for the career of their dreams. The future of esports is looking even more interesting because of the development in technology. With the evolution of technology, esports industry is also flourishing a lot.