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The season in Series A is also gaining momentum, where one of the possible competitors of Juventus is Napoli. Despite the defeat from the Turineses in the full-time match, the players of Carlo Ancelotti left a good impression with their performance. Napoli usually plays attacking football, and in this regard, the newcomers Lozano and Llorente came in handy.

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The lineup of the Neapolitans is quite balanced, and many players have extensive experience in performing not only in Serie A, but also in the international arena. Given Juventus’ focus on the Champions League, this could help Napoli finally fight the Old Signore in the domestic championship, although Sarri’s squad has a much better lineup.

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Streaming football site: advantages of watching confrontations in a new format

Now, Napoli has a lot of age players, for whom this season is perhaps the last chance to win a trophy. This can add motivation to the team and has a positive effect on its performance. Ancelotti has already won Serie A, so there are no secrets for him. Open the streaming football site: to watch the confrontations involving the Neapolitans with your own eyes. At the start of the season, their strong points are:

  1. Good teamwork. Many players have long been part of the Neapolitan team, so they know well how their partners play.
  2. Quick onboarding of the newcomers. Manolas, Lozano, Llorente and others are already benefiting their team, and it seems that they have been in the team for a very long time.
  3. Coordinated team actions in all parts of the field.


You can personally assess the strong points of the Neapolitans thanks to the football streaming site. The team has a very busy season ahead, in which it’s expected to unfold a real fight for the league title, although it is extremely difficult to compete against the current Juventus. However, in football there is always a place for unexpected results, which the starting tours of the new season have already proved.