Martellus Bennett hinting about a return to the Patriots?

With free agency starting next week the Patriots are already looking ahead to 2019. With them winning the Super Bowl they are weeks behind the rest of the league with getting ready for next season. The Patriots have to go into this offseason with the notion of needing a backup quarterback. They also don’t know the status of Rob Gronkowski. If he’s coming back I think it’s because he wants to play with Tom Brady. The Patriots are releasing tight end Dwyane Allen, who was really productive with his time with the Patriots. In his two seasons, he only had one touchdown and 113 receiving yards. As for a former Patriot, Martellus Bennett, there could be a possibility for a return to the Patriots.

It would be great for Bennett to come back to the Patriots

Bennett was way more productive than Allen on the Patriots. In his two seasons, he had seven touchdowns for 754 yards. Bennett wants to be on a winning team, and when Gronkowski comes back they’ll be set at the tight end position. Brady had better chemistry with Bennett than with Allen. Also, with Gronkowski always injured you need someone more reliable than Dwyane Allen at tight end.

Bennett just wants to win, and what better team to do that on than the Patriots. He can also be clutch in big game moments when a play needs to be made. Tom Brady will be 42 when the season starts and needs veterans around him. He doesn’t need players that won’t give him production. Allen was a good blocker but nothing else. Bennett can both block and gain yardage. Bennett wasn’t really a standout until he got to New England and got his chance to be on a winning team.