Regardless of how unpleasant it is to acknowledge, but ruthlessness and cruelty are an integral part of human nature. Following the advent of social media, it seemed that the era of bullying comes to an end as now every individual would capable of simultaneously communicating with the people they like and distancing themselves from those who spoil their lives by constant acts of bullying. School and college students from all around the country may relate to this statement as nobody else, as they have experienced bullying by themselves. However, it has eventually turned out that social media gave birth to a new type of bullying that is called cyberbullying. 

Cyberbullying: A New Drill in the Modern-Day Sports

Given that nowadays almost every person has an account on the social media platforms, the tendency for bullying famous people when they do something that goes against the will of their fans has come a long way to be considered as a normal act of behavior in the 21st century. Sportsmen and sportswomen are, unfortunately, the ones who suffer the most from this type of cruelty as when an actor acts up on the stage, people can deal with it. Nonetheless, when it is a European football start who misses the decisive penalty kick, and his team loses an important game, this player is almost sure to be bullied by the fans of his own team. What is more, the fans of the winning team would also embark upon mocking him or her online.

What Sport Cyberbullyies Long For

It should be understood that the point of cuber bullying is making people petrified, scaring them, making them lose their confidence. Still, when one asks for the motivation for embarking on cyberbullying of sportswomen and sportsmen, it should be stated that there is no sound motivation. There are no sample situations to write about. It is rather the lack of motivation for doing something benevolent and useful which people translate into spending time on the Internet, mocking other people. When a person embarks upon writing a cyberbullying essay, he or she is almost sure to mention in this essay that a perfect example of an average cyberbully is a person who was deprived of his or her idol’s attention. Since it is a serious issue, students are given to provide complete writings on such a topic. You can find examples of cyberbullying essay everywhere online.

The ultimate aim of cyberbullies who come for the sport stars can vary depending on the individual. It is not a secret that sometimes sports fans can idolize their favorite stars reaching the point of madness. They begin thinking that the sportsman or sportsman that they cheer own something to them and when they end up receiving no compensation for their affection and support their love turns into hate. Given that they have no other way to reach for their beloved sports star but to write some nasty things about them online, they automatically become cyberbullies.

Cyberbullies feel that special bliss when the bullied by them sportsman or sportswoman starts acting. For example, when the worldwide known football star Neymar Jr. has forced Barcelona FC to let him join Paris Saint Germain in the summer of 2017, the Barcelona fans could have not felt more blissful when things went bad for the man at his new club.

Another case of unprecedented cyberbullying in sport took place in summer 2018 when the Liverpool FC goalkeeper Loris Karius has buried the hopes of the Reds’ fans for winning their first since 2005 Champions League title. It was the goalkeeper’s individual mistakes that left Jurgen Klopp’s team with no chances against the Los Blancos machine built by Zinadine Zidane. The world of online went mad, especially with the Scourers’ fans saying utterly embarrassing things about the German goalie on their social media accounts. 

The Need for Sympathy is Here

Modern youth is ruthless, and it does not care for the fact that sportsmen are just humans. However, sometimes even having a university education does not mean that a person can stay sober in terms of refraining from cyberbullying. It is normal when the fans of one team say that their biggest rival is the worst team in the world. For example, Los Angeles Lakers fans are known for their special “affection” the Cavaliers. The Real Madrid fans hate the supports of Barcelona, and this hate reciprocal. However, this is the right kind of hate that must be present in sports. It stems from sound competition and goes no further. However, when a person starts mocking online a particular individual, sending him or her messages just because they don’t like the way he or she plays, it is a big problem. Instead of saying bad things about this man or woman, why not try switching a channel and watch the sportsmen that you like.


As it has been already mentioned, the world of sports is full of hate. The interesting thing is that this hate comes not from those who compete on the pitches but from those who do not even bother to come to the stadiums and say what they have to say out loud. However, people who stand against cyberbullying in sports can even write an essay in which they will tell that cyber bulling in sports is unpardonable. Writing nasty things about people who have achieved more than you is simple. Instead, try writing something clever, become an example for the next generations to follow. May we all remember that this world gradually forgets what love and respect are, so let’s provide some sample for the people to feel the taste of compassion, bliss, and happiness, which sports is meant to bring.