David Price Needs to Grow up

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The cold weather around Boston last week wasn’t good. However, when you play a professional sport, making millions of dollars, you might want to suck it up and just pitch. David Price, once again, has his excuses with why he left the game on Wednesday night because of numbness in his hands. Price’s hands were told cold and he couldn’t pitch. The night before, David, it was also cold, I didn’t see Chris Sale complaining. He’s not a baby like Price is.

It may be cold for Stanton, but at least he doesn’t sit. We’ve seen this before with Price all of last season. Him complaining and not liking it here. Price also isn’t setting a good example for the younger players. Do you think Mookie Betts would sit a game because it’s too cold to play baseball? I don’t think so. The Yankees aren’t even good right now. Price could’ve pitched on Wednesday and they would’ve swept the Yankees instead of taking two out of three.

David Price Making Excuses

AP Photo/Aaron Josefczyk

This is what Price said after his start: “My hand never really warmed up, My arm felt fine. My arm felt really good. I had no clue where [the ball] was going.” Clearly, someone who doesn’t want to pitch in cold weather. I don’t see another player on that team saying something like that. “My hands weren’t warm enough to go out and play.” It’s always something with David Price. As soon as he gets to some real competition his hands are too cold. Price won’t start against Baltimore. He’ll make his next appearance against the Los Angeles Angels on Tuesday.

David Price’s Next Start Will Be in Warm California

I’m sure it will be nice and warm so Price can feel his hands in Anaheim. David, you’re making $31 million dollars. Grow up! In October it will be cold too. What’s he going to say then? I know for one thing- Chris Sale or Pedro Martinez would never do what Price did on Wednesday night.