Nowadays, NFL betting in daily fantasy sports has become a space offering great opportunities for football fans to earn a good source of money while also having fun. Playing fantasy football is as simple as drafting your team, building your weekly lineup, managing the waiver wire, keeping tabs on bye weeks, and making a few trades. For NFL enthusiasts like you, following the sport for years has become so easy. However, getting the winning team for the season may still get a little tricky. 

Setting your weekly roster is not just about choosing which players’ scores will count and a match-up on your DFS site. Learn how to master the game quickly and start with effectively learning about your players and their skills. Through this, you are able to maximize their potential in your lineup. As a DFS player, selecting your best NFL picks may take a lot of time and effort. To streamline the research process, several online tools also came out in the industry to help you become a more profitable NFL fan and DFS player.

 So, whether or not you have finally found the right one for your season, here are some helpful tips to optimize your lineup and make you become a seasoned DFS player.

Learn The System

There’s no science in betting on the right sports pick. You may know how DFS scoring works, but remember that DFS sites also have different point systems. Start with looking at your DFS site’s target and reception statistics when choosing your players.

You should also know the betting policy system of the DFS site you’re playing on. Start with simple betting methods because they have already examined the game stat, and they can show you low-risk matches to wager on.

NFL American football formation tacticson a blackboard

Experiment On Your Players

One great tool that can help is lineup optimizers, which are computer-generated software that emerged over the years to help you get the best DFS NFL projections online. You can bet on DFS sports providers like FanDuel, which generate and show you hundreds of lineups based on projections and NFL player salaries in no time.

It may seem like a good idea to bet on popular teams over and over again, but this is something you should avoid. Not all teams can always keep on winning, nor do their players always perform well. 

You may try picking players with low ownership because this will give you an advantage if they make a breakout performance in a game. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to compile them all together. A good team strategy may involve putting together different players that will give you the most winning points.

Use Late Swaps

Late Swaps give you a good opportunity to edit your players before they start, so rostering injured players beforehand won’t affect your lineup. Utilizing late swaps allow you to safely play with your bets while staying at a consistent DFS scoring position.

You may select a player who has the most current time in the flex position. Moreover, you may also swap a player based on their level of ownership on the game. If you think you can’t make up for a highly owned player, you can make some last-minute changes and choose low ownership players with the hopes of a well-played performance from that player.

Take Elite Players

Elite players play at an advantage over any defense in a game. This gives you an upside potential even with low ownership. You can also pick an extra wide receiver at the flex position as a good strategy because they have bigger upsides overall than tight ends or running backs.

Assess The Strategy

Just because a betting strategy gave you good results, it doesn’t mean that you should stick to it at all times. Rules consistently change. Hence, keep in mind that some tactics you used before may no longer be applicable to your next games anymore.

Avoid a routine strategy on your lineup. Try changing your methods according to the flow and circumstances. You may utilize this further by watching how certain offenses work against the different defensive fronts and be sure to take note of it on your next games.

Maximize Sports Betting Sites and Tools

The growing trend of DFS sites and tools help churn out better lineups for you. They have a lot of customization modes that you may control to help you fine-tune your preferred lineup projections based on different game and player stats.


After knowing these tips to properly optimize your NFL lineup, you now have a better direction on your NFL DFS projections for the next season. Betting on these games is surely fun and interesting, but it may also cost you a lot of money. It’s normal to stumble upon mistakes on your first lineups, so be sure to avoid them on your succeeding games. When starting out, always remember to check-in on the contests, understand your players well, and lay a good plan on how you want to bet on the game. 

Being a seasoned NFL DFS player takes time and practice. But as you go along with your journey, you will have a clearer perspective in acing the game and becoming the daily fantasy player you always want to be.