Dion Lewis had some comments about his former team

The Tennessee Titans beat the Patriots on Sunday 34-10. They were also meeting some familiar faces from Mike Vrabel to Dion Lewis on the Titans. Malcolm Butler and Eric Rowe didn’t say that it was a personal win for the Patriots. However, Dion Lewis made some honest remarks about the Patriots being cheap after the game. “Yeah, it was personal when you go cheap you get your ass kicked.” Seems like someone who only cares about themselves and not someone who is a team player.

Bill Belichick only cares about winning and doing what’s best for the team. Lewis was a great running back and won one  Super Bowl with the Patriots. For him to publicly say that instead of going around it will come back to haunt him later. The Patriots don’t forget comments like that, and the next time they play you they’ll put up points. Secondly, Lewis wasn’t even great yesterday, he had a few nice runs but nothing outstanding. Marcus Mariota had a better game. Let’s see how many Super Bowls, Lewis win with the Titans.

If you want to make more money, play somewhere else

Dion’s comments have sparked the Patriot haters to have an ‘I told you so’ moment. The Patriots are known for not paying their players enough. Brady has taken the most pay cuts on the team but look how many championships he’s won. He’s sacrificed his pay because all he cares about is winning. Clearly not the same for Lewis who really hasn’t had a great season so far. He’s having an average season at best. That’s fine though. If you want to win, stay in New England. If you want more money and don’t care about winning, play somewhere else. Simple as that.