1. Wash pearls with tap water?

Some people want to wash and maintain their pearls after wearing them several times. They do not know that short-term washing with tap water will have little effect on jewelry, but it is not a wise approach for long-term cleaning. Because chlorine in tap water will damage the luster of the pearl surface. Mineral water is the best way to wash pearls personalized necklaces. In addition, when not wearing, it should be stored in a cool and ventilated place after washing.

2. Wear jewelry at any time?

Correctly wearing jewelry should be diligently replaced or removed depending on people, events, times, places, and things, but it may not be possible for busy modern people. But at least take it off when you wash your hands, some soaps contain alkaline substances of varying degrees, which can cause damage to the relatively fragile gemstones. The soap can easily get stuck in the ring seam, thus greatly affecting the luster and brightness of the gem promise rings {here rings}. Furthermore, bathing, doing housework, swimming, etc., can easily cause gems to collide and be injured.

3. Commonly used ultrasonic washing machine to clean?

Ultrasonic washing machine does have a very good washing effect on K gold gemstone jewelry and jewelry with K gold yin yang necklace jewelry. In particular, it can clean the oily dirt and dust that can not be brushed by the brush. However, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for all gems, such as emeralds, pearls, and other special structure gems. It will destroy their structure during ultrasonic cleaning, so it should be absolutely avoided. If it is used too frequently, the small diamond can’t withstand and will loose or even fall off.

4. Jewelry is not “afraid” of cosmetics?

Certain substances or food that we come into contact with in our daily lives contain acids or alkalis of varying concentrations, and these acid-base chemicals may damage gems necklaces for girlfriend, especially pearls, or other organic gems.

In daily life, you should try to avoid cosmetics contamination to the jewelry. When dressing, you should first put on make up and spray perfume before wearing jewelry to avoid higher concentrations of cosmetics or perfume directly contacting the jewelry surface. If you need to add perfume, you should also avoid spraying perfume directly on the infinity bracelet(get this leather name bracelets) jewelry surface.

5. Change clothes after wearing jewelry?

When wearing prong setting jewelry or rings, avoid hooking on clothes or purses. In case of hooking on clothes, it will not cause the main stone to fall off immediately, but it should also be reinforced in time. There are many types of gold inlaid with jade fingerprint jewelry. The most secure method that does not hook the clothes is the bezel setting, but it covers the entire waistline so that the light cannot enter. Furthermore, because the K gold part is used more, the visual effect is not as attractive as prong setting. Therefore, the most popular setting in the jewelry market is still claw setting, but you need to pay attention to the order of wearing.