Tom Brady skipping offseason workouts for the second straight season

Tom Brady for the second straight year is missing OTA’s. Last year he also missed to have more family time and prepare for the season his way. He went to TB12 last year and worked out in the practice facility. Another reason he skipped was the tension last off-season. His play dropped a little, but they still won the Super Bowl. If it was any other quarterback he would face criticism, but because of how much he’s won he can do whatever he wants.

Brady has different Receiving and Tight End groups from last year. First round draft pick N’Keal Harry will have to wait until minicamp to work with the Hall of Fame quarterback. Brady, before Garoppolo got drafted, raved about going to the offseason workouts and how it helps connect with your teammates. By missing OTA’s, Brady will be behind with his new Receiving group. Now that he’s been to the Super Bowl four times since Garoppolo got drafted he probably thinks he can do just as good on his own workout plan.

Brady also wants to have more time with his family, which he expressed last season. The off-season workouts give him less time with his family as they just won the Super Bowl three months ago. Brady’s the type of player who really is above it all. He’s earned that though with the number of success he has.

The difference between this offseason and last offseason is that there’s no drama. They just won the Super Bowl so people aren’t really talking about Brady skipping OTA’s. I’m sure he’ll be fine, and hopefully have a better connection with his receivers than last year. Thomas, Harry, Edelman, Dorsett, and Gordon when he comes back, is a solid Receiving core.