The Red Sox’ is off to a season has started off great start so far. The offense and pitching are firing on all cylinders. There is just one problem: Xander Bogaerts suffered an ankle injury sliding into the Rays’ dugout during Sunday’s game.

The Injury

It was the top of the seventh and Joey Wendle was up. Wendle hit a ball high in the air that ended up off of the monster. J.D. Martinez fielded the ball and made a throw that landed off the line to Bogaerts. But Xander, who thought someone was nearby to help, made the mistake of flipping the ball to third base; where nobody was at the moment. The ball rolled into the dugout. If the ball went into the dugout, a run would be granted to the Rays. So Xander, not letting that happen, slid into the dugout while getting the baseball. While he did save a run that ended up being crucial, he hurt himself.

He was be taken out of the game right away and was replaced by Brock Holt. Holt ended up making a nice play over at short to end the game and preserve a Sox win.

The problem was that nobody really knew how serious Bogaerts’s injury was. On Monday, it was announced that he would be heading to the DL with a “small crack” in his Talus bone. A bone in his foot. This will knock him out for about 10-14 days, so two weeks at the most.

The Effects

The thing that frustrates me the most about this injury is the fact that he was the hottest hitter on the team at the moment. He was hitting .368 with an OPS of 1.111. Pretty good if I had any say in it. But now that guy is gone for about two weeks. It isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but there is just one thing that worries me.

Last year, Bogaerts was hitting above .300 until he got hit in the hand during a game in Tampa. That ended up screwing him up for the rest of the year, as he would hit .230 the rest of the way. The injury clearly affected him. However, I am not saying that this new injury will make him flat-out stink for the rest of the season. I was on the Bogaerts train before the season started, and am proud to say that I still am. I very much believe that Xander Bogaerts can be one of, if not THE best hitter (batting average wise), in baseball when he is fully healthy. So let him rest, and come back better than ever. In the meantime, the Red Sox will have Tzu Wei Lin over at short along with Brock Holt.

And one more thing: if Bogaerts was going to get injured at all, it’s much better to have him get this injury early on than around when he got it last year. By the time he comes back, it will still be April. So let’s just sit back, relax and enjoy the Tzunami show. The X man will be back in no time.


Cover image courtesy of USA Latest News.