Yesterday morning I had the privilege of receiving an invitation to Dr. Robert Leonard’s Celebrity Bartending Event. I immediately cleared my schedule, donned my favorite sport jacket and tie, grabbed a close friend of mine, and shipped up to Boston. After the rush hour traffic, flash flood warnings, and $28 parking garage fee, we arrived in Boston’s Seaport District. Leonard Hair Transplant Associates’ event was held at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, where a few big names were slated to attend.

The headlining athletes there were former Patriots Wes Welker, Rob Ninkovich, and Sebastian Vollmer, former Celtic Brian Scalabrine, and former Bruin Lyndon Byers. They are all close with Dr. Robert Leonard and have received hair treatments from him personally.


We arrived in the Seaport District at around 4:30 PM, just as rush hour traffic in the city was really picking up. We found a convenient parking garage nearby where I could keep my old 2002 Toyota Highlander for a few hours. By judging the other vehicles nearby I could tell that the Seaport District doesn’t mess around.

We made our way across the street to Del Frisco’s, which was extremely upscale and had beautiful dark decor. The event was held by the bar upstairs, which featured a stunning panoramic view of the bay and the city to our left. Even with the rain it was a nice backdrop to have.

As we were standing in line to check in and I was in the middle of realizing how much of a poor college student I am, a familiar face passed by and into the VIP area. It was Wes Welker, who I’ve only seen on TV before. Then Brian Scalabrine followed in suit. Then came Rob Ninkovich and Sebastian Vollmer. Ninkovich turned to me and said “looking good”. Well, he said it to the general vicinity of where I stood, but wouldn’t it be cool if he said it to me?

Let the Festivities Begin 

Backtracking to reality, the setup for the event was very nice. There was a secluded area of the restaurant for the event itself. The celebrities roamed around to make small-talk with a few of the  bartenders as people checked in. Hair specialists, business-people, and fans all gathered together in the same area and began to converse. It seemed like everyone knew just about everyone. A man my friend and I met told us how him and Dr. Leonard are good friends and he and his daughter get together to attend his events often. The fact that so many people knew each other is what made the event so friendly and inviting.

On one side of the room photographers set up a wall where you can have your picture taken with Scal, Welker, Ninkovich, and Vollmer. Obviously my friend and I couldn’t pass that up. I was able to remain professional as I approached them, but it just felt surreal. Scal was the first one to warmly greet me and shake my hand, and Wes was right behind him. Ninkovich and Vollmer were a little timid but were still extremely polite. It was a little ironic to see two towering football players be so quiet. It was also nice to see that I was taller than at least one guy in the picture. To put things into perspective, I’m 6’0″.

They all told me that they liked my palm tree bow tie.

After everyone became settled, servers set up tables of some really great food. There were steak sandwiches, smoked ham, cheese and fruit- anything you’d see from an upscale steakhouse. It was my first taste of the high life in my very young career. Everyone was very nice, and the food was even nicer.

Taking over the Bar

Around 6:00 PM, the celebrities tried to exhibit their best bartending skills. People were joking and conversing with the former Boston athletes as they attempted to make their orders. Brian Scalabrine claimed his own side of the bar and told shouted to everyone in the area that he had them covered. Sebastian Vollmer really got into his role as well, finally coming out of his shell.

“RUM?”- Scal

A huge thank you to Boston Sports Extra and Leonard Hair Transplant Associates for inviting me to this great dinner event. My friend and I had a great time meeting some of the athletes we grew up watching and spending time at such a great restaurant in Boston. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience.