The injuries, inconsistencies, and offensive struggles can’t justify his elite defense anymore. It’s time to cash in on the former AL MVP Dustin Pedroia.

Although it pains me to say this, trading Pedroia something that needs to happen. Can he really come back from surgery, ready to put all of the DL stints behind him? The former All-Star has missed 134 games within the last three seasons. Until the 2021 season, the Boston Red Sox owe him $56,500,000. That’s crazy for a 34 year old infielder.

While never expected to hit for a lot of power (140 career homers), Pedroia is expected to get hits. He has a combined 431 hits in the regular season since 2015. Compared to 38 year old Adrian Beltre, the stats differ. Both are well-respected to the game, and are huge stars to this day. Beltre since 2015 has missed only 96 games, while collecting 444 hits. While offensive numbers are near equivalent, Pedroia has superior defense compared to Beltre, but he’s four years older. They both play different positions, so they are relied upon differently. So overall this is open to interpretation.

As he showed last season, Pedroia is not going to be the leader Big Papi was. With guys like Mookie Betts, Chris Sale, and David Price with the team, there’s no need to fill that role. That void will be filled by Ortiz as he is a player consultant for the team. His visits at Fenway South have already shown he is eager to share his wisdom.

Dustin Pedroia has had many great moments that will forever make him a Red Sox legend. His defensive percentage alone should make him a first ballot Hall of Famer one day. With guys on the team like Eduardo Nunez, the Red Sox have a reliable replacement. Plus, there could be a sizable return in a potential move.

Potential Trade Suitor: The Atlanta Braves

A team like the Braves could offer a good starter like Mike Foltynewicz, and a decent prospect or two. A good chunk of Red Sox talent are slated for extensions or free agency. The team needs to look ahead. With Dustin Pedroia likely out after the end of the contract, now would be the time to take a look. I could sleep well at night knowing that if the team traded him, the reward outweighs the risk.