Betting is as old as sports, depending on the era, people have always developed new ways of watching, enjoying and engaging with the sports they like, and betting is included among these activities. For a sports fan the world of online betting is nothing new. With the advancement of technology, betting has moved into the online space, where it can expand to all sports and leagues in one place, making betting easier for fans and increasingly secure. However, it is not just the online betting technology that has advanced, but the games themselves, as while traditional sports continue to dominate the scene, E-sports are becoming increasingly popular.

Video games are well known by everyone, from the old consoles to the modern ones, passing through computer games, in less than thirty years they have already captured several generations, constituting one of the most profitable and constantly growing businesses. As consoles and games became more sophisticated, so did the followers and players, dedicating full days to unravel the mysteries of each game and becoming experts in the ones they prefer.

Like any traditional sport, E-sports have professionals, called pro-gamers, in-game teams, leagues, and tournaments, so if you are new to the world of E-sports and used to think of video games as a teenage hobby, you may be surprised to find that they have the professionalism and organization of any elite sport.

Due to COVID-19 and how it affected traditional sports due to the isolation and quarantine measures, events were postponed, many fans of online betting began to explore the world of E-sports. This, since online gaming does not require an in-person congregation. However, since mid-2000 with Counter Strike, the popularity of E-sports has skyrocketed, and in 2006 organized betting began as another aspect of the sport. Nowadays, all types of betting are available on sites such as, which offers users the best betting options depending on the game and the type of betting.

What games conform to e-sports?

As with traditional games, you must have some knowledge of the game you are betting on. A general recommendation is to familiarize yourself with the game of interest either by playing it or by watching others play. Currently many gamers are dedicated to streaming their matches through various platforms, so if you do not want or can not play directly, this is a good option. However, before taking this step you need to decide which game to bet on? You may have noticed the great amount of video games that exist, currently, the most lucrative ones are the following.

Counter Strike Global Offensive: One of the classic games that continues to maintain its position among the main E-sports. The game is divided on two teams, the terrorists and the cops, and is played for 30 rounds. There are two ways to win (or lose) the game, the first team to win 16 rounds, eliminating all members of the other team, or if the terrorists manage to explode a bomb or the policemen defuse it before it explodes. The gameplay is fairly simple, but the matches are intense with first-person views and a large gallery of available weapons.

League of Legends: With more than 70 million players worldwide, LOL has established itself among the most lucrative games and one of the best games to bet on. The game consists of team battles that take place in different fields, the objective is to destroy the other team’s nexus in order to win the game.

Starcraft 2: For strategy lovers Starcraft is a dream game, especially popular in the Asian market. The game consists of strategic planning, there are three existing races, humans, developed aliens and primitive aliens, these three races must fight, but the game is not limited to the battle, the players must make a thorough planning of their societies to develop them and thus be able to attack and defend.

World of Warcraft Defence of the Ancients 2: Also known as Dota 2, since its first release it has gained immense popularity. The game is made up of two teams, Dorts and Radiants, each of which must protect their core structures while facing each other on a three-way map.

These four are the main games to bet on in E-sports, there are several ways to place bets, either on who wins the games in general, known as Match Winning, or specific bets related to particular features of the game. There are also bets related to the camps, known as map betting, this type depending on the game, being popular especially in LOL.

The best way to know which game to bet on is to try the ones that catch your eye. However you can get a general picture from the descriptions, if you like more upfront games, LOL and CS are for you, focusing mainly on players and teams for, on the other hand if you want a game that requires more strategy Starcraft DOTA 2 may be the options for you.