Eduardo Nunez Is a Safe Sign

This whole offseason we have been waiting for the day when JD or our “Plan B” Logan Morrison signs. We seemed to forget about a free agent who’s a familiar face and can be a HUGE help for the club. Yeah, that Eduardo Nunez guy, that’s who I’m talking about. Nunez and the Sox reportedly have signed a one-year deal with a second year option. The 30 year-old infielder is back, and to be honest I would be fine with Eduardo if we don’t get either Martinez or Morrison.

Nunez came to Boston last season in a deal with San Francisco. He spent the second half in Boston doing what he does best: balling out. At the time of the deal he was hitting .308 with four ding dongs and 31 RBI’s. He finished the year hitting .313 with twelve dingers and fifty-eight RBI’s.

Compared to JD and Lo-Mo

Now you can say, “Well JD and Lo-Mo get on base more and drive in more runs!” Well yeah, you can say that, but the hits and average matter. In the situation the Sox are in right now, it’s time to just play it safe, they’ve signed Eduardo, and now we can go from there. With Pedroia out for the start of the season it would only make sense that in a time were you are getting no deals done, you needed to go forward with fixing the needed gaps on the field. After coming to Boston he hit .321 with eight homers and twenty-seven RBI’s. Adding on his speed and fielding ability, Nunez brings the pioneer baseball talent and knowledge that can help the Sox not only in the beginning of the season, but in the long run.

Nunez finished the season in a poor way by injuring his knee during the ALDS against Houston. I personally didn’t agree with the decision to play him and I can say almost every knowledgeable Red Sox fan can attest to as well. It’s alright, because John Farrell’s gone so we don’t have to worry about that happening again. I love the signing and everything about it. Eduardo is a straight up baller and it’s a solid move regardless if we get JD or Lo-Mo.