In the service business, tips play an important role as they reward employees for their good work. Customers show their appreciation by tipping employees at the time of billing. The easy way of tipping an employee is to add the tip amount to the bill.

If you are running a store and want to motivate your employees, you can do it by enabling tipping at the time of billing. All you need to do is activate the tipping feature on your Shopify POS. This article discusses how you can implement this feature in an easy way , learn more

Your Shopify POS can enable tipping to employees to reward them

Why Activate Tipping In Your POS?

Tipping is an industry-standard practice, where customers show their appreciation by tipping the service personnel, by offering cash or by adding a tip to the bill. In the restaurant business, this is an accepted norm. Even in other stores, many customers would like to tip employees who helped them with a smile on their face.

It Is A Reward

The principal benefit of tipping is that employees are rewarded for their good work. A store is a service organization. One of the keys to success is providing great service to customers so they come back again. This can happen only if an employee goes the extra mile to help customers.

Such employees need to be recognized and rewarded. Most customers would be happy to reward such employees who make their shopping experience an easy and pleasant one. The best way for customers to do this is by tipping the employee.

A tip is a reward in the form of money, which acts as an incentive for good service provided. It can be a motivational factor not just for the employees who are rewarded but also for others. Tipping motivates employees to strive to provide great service so that they can be rewarded for it.

Acts As Feedback

Apart from the reward part, tipping is a way of getting feedback from the customers. Retail store customers may or may not like to fill the feedback form. However, if they offer a tip,it is a clear indication that they are happy with the store and the services provided.

A tip given to an employee is a sure sign that the customer is satisfied with the experience at the store. It is an indicator that such shoppers can become loyal customers and help the store achieve success. Therefore, store management needs to encourage tipping as it helps customers to recognize good work done by employees.

How To Accept Tips Through The Shopify POS?

When you have a Shopify POS, you can easily allow customers to add tips to the bill.

You can now allow your employees to get tips from customers by activating this facility on your POS. Shopify, which is one of the leading providers of retail solutions offers a POS terminal, where you can easily allow your customers to add a tip for the employees at the time of billing. 

Let’s look at how this can be done and the different issues involved.


You need to note the prerequisites to enable this feature on your Shopify POS terminal.

  • At present, the tipping feature is available only for payments received through credit cards.
  • The card payment must be collected from a card reader that supports this feature. The chip and swipe reader, the swipe card reader, and the tap, chip, and swipe reader are the three types of hardware devices that support this facility.

Enabling Tips

To enable tips, you need to click on the option Store and then select Tips from there. Choose the checkbox Enable Tips. You can enter percentage rates for tips up to three preset values. Two more options are available – one to enable a minimum tip and the other for custom tips that allow shoppers to enter the tip amount of their choice.

Collecting Tips

Once you have activated this facility, the tip dialog would appear on the screen automatically at the time of billing. Customers can then choose if they want to enter a tip. They can choose from any of the three tip percentages or give a custom tip of their choice. They also have the option not to give a tip.

Once tips are collected, there is an option to refund them if a customer demands. Store management can get reports on tips from the Finance > Reports option.

Using the right kind of card reader ensures you can enable tipping in your Shopify POS