Weekly fantasy basketball is the newest addition to the fantasy game leagues and tournaments which has been a popular game for most sports enthusiasts. Basketball however is the most loved sports game in the world, and each young boy all over the world dreams of becoming the next Kobe Bryant or Lebron James. Unlike football and baseball which have a strong following among their fans, basketball fans are very vocal and supportive of the game and their players. Moreover, basketball fans can range from the most successful businessman to that quiet lady in the bookstore, it transcends age, gender, nationality, race, and culture. Everybody indeed loves basketball. The sheer number of basketball teams in every country and the many leagues that are formed to provide a venue to compete and play against other teams are proof that basketball has become pervasive in our society. Many people idolize basketball players and their careers are followed closely by their fans, most young players start as high school basketball players, then to college basketball, and after which get drafted into the professional leagues. But some great players come from playing college basketball in their freshmen year and get invited into a professional team right after, especially if they have outstanding game scores and statistics. More than that, basketball players who become celebrities enjoy such fame and fortune that is not seen in other athletes. With this level of interest and die-hard fans, it is no wonder that many would also be interested in playing weekly fantasy basketball. There have been many video games and online games of basketball, but it is only in fantasy basketball that you get to play as a team owner or manager, and your success in the game is determined by how well your team plays against other teams in a weekly tournament. When you win in the tournament, you do get the bragging rights among your friends or group and you also get to cash in your game money for real dollars. 

How To Play Weekly Fantasy Basketball 

Playing weekly fantasy basketball is fairly easy as everyone has a good amount of knowledge about the game, the players, and how they are performing in the current season. More often than not, even if you start as a beginner in fantasy basketball, by the end of the tournament, you will get the hang of it and be able to reach the advanced levels. To play, you must first have a computer or gadget and an internet connection, as these are the most vital pieces of equipment you should have to play fantasy basketball. In the past fantasy, basketball was played off-line, using cards and player scores and sheer forecasting skills and a little bit of intuition, but with the internet and online platforms, it is much easier to play fantasy basketball and all the data and statistics you need is within grasp or just a download away. Most of the time, you would be interested to play fantasy basketball because you are a fan of the game and has a good amount of knowledge of the players and their careers and how they play and whether making a team composed of different players would be your winning dream team. You get to choose ten players to form your team and then you start entering them into tournaments weekly where your team plays with other teams or on a head-to-head format where you play against a single team for the whole week. The team with the highest score at the close of the tournament wins, and you get to choose another set of players for a new team in the next tournament or you can retain your old one. The most important thing to remember is that the games only run for a week and after which the winners are ranked and announced. You need to be able to pay the fee to play weekly. The scores you get can be earned as game coins which you can also exchange for real money, which most players do as a sort of reward for their efforts and a motivation to make their gameplay better. 

What Makes For A Better Weekly Fantasy Basketball Game?

Weekly fantasy basketball is a pay-to-play virtual online game, which means that you need to pay a subscription fee every time you want to play the game. You can pay it weekly that coincides with the beginning and end of the tournament, although you always get a weekly tournament whether what day of the week you start. Since the game is hosted on an online platform, you need to download the app or software needed to run the game. There are some technical requirements for the game to run, to avoid any issues later, make sure that your gadgets and internet speed meet the minimum requirement specified in the game. With the app, you can now send in your payment, buy or draft your players and launch your teams. You can also monitor the players’ performance in real life so you would get to know how the season is turning out for the player, and whether he will be sought after or not. Very few people on earth would probably say that they just play for the game itself, and not because of wanting to win the game. But, as most people would agree, the goal for every competition is to win the game. 

How To Earn Money In Weekly Fantasy Basketball 

There is probably no shortage of basketball fans, and every game is watched by thousands of those fans and therefore there will be no shortage of people playing weekly fantasy basketball. That being said, it is a given that the prizes would always be high and magnanimous and the potential to earn real money is very high. You just need to keep playing and have your teams get the highest score at the end of the tournament will get to keep their game money and wait until it is large enough to cash in to buy more game credits or buy new team players.