Testosterone is the male hormone however it should be noted that both sexes produce it. Hormones are basically substances that signal changes in our body. Some signals may not be thought of too much like the urge to sleep or eat, while some presents significant changes in our body like the maturing of our sex organs. Other important hormones in our body dictates when our body starts and stops growing. But here in TRT San Diego, we are going to focus on testosterone and a procedure called Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

As mentioned earlier, both men and women produce testosterone albeit for a few differences in purpose. For men, the gland that produces testosterone, from its name is the testes. For women, the ovaries produce the said hormone. There is also an organ called the adrenal gland which both men and women possess that has the ability to produce the hormone. A careful diagnosis of these organs are usually part of the procedure to determine the cause of the testosterone deficiency that we will discuss later.

As you would expect, men have a higher level of testosterone than women and in turn women have a higher level of estrogen, the female hormone, than men. Similar to how women have testosterone produced in their body, so do men have the opposite sex’s hormone produced in theirs. A careful balance between the two hormones is crucial as a imbalance may cause a lot of side effects.

TRT San Diego Discusses the Purpose of Testosterone

The male hormone, from its name itself, is responsible for a lot of developments in a man’s body. From the development of the sexual features such as the genitals and the production of sperm, the deepening of the voice, the introduction of facial and body hair, and others. This hormone reaches its peak production when a boy hits puberty and steadily declines once he reaches an advanced age. It is also noted that the growth of boys is directly affected by the hormone, in fact, dwarfism and other similar phenomena can be attributed to the deficiency of testosterone.

Other than the physical traits, the hormone induces other qualities such as sex drive, energy levels, and muscle strength. Some summarize the mental effect of the hormone as aggression which could be overly simplifying it though there is some truth as to that attribution.

Similarly, in women, testosterone also contributes to the sex drive and other characteristics mentioned albeit to a lesser degree which normal given the lesser count of testosterone in their body. Additionally, the hormone also plays a role in the menstrual cycle by helping in secreting other hormones directly responsible for the body function.

For both sexes, the production of red blood cells is dictated by the testosterone hormone. Muscle mass and strength, and bone density are all orchestrated by testosterone levels of both men and women.

TRT San Diego Lists Low Testosterone Symptoms

If you are reading this article then chances are you could be suffering from one of the symptoms of low testosterone and wanting to find out if the testosterone replacement therapy is right for you.

The first, and probably the most noticeable effect of low testosterone is a lower sex drive. As the hormone mainly responsible for sexual maturity and activity, deficiency in the hormone can limit a man’s desire to engage in the activity. Most patients that seek testosterone replacement therapy are men from relationships that experience problems in the bedroom. Since impotence can be a very touchy subject, most doctors would suggest that the couple talk about the problem with themselves first before going through with the therapy. 

A corollary to the low sex drive problem brought upon by low testosterone levels is impotence or erectile dysfunction. Much like the low sex drive, ED can cause a man to succumb into depression which is both due to the loss of the capacity to do satisfactory sex and the emotional aspect of it. Testosterone products are often advertised as cures to impotence but these products should be heavily vetted by medical professionals.

The body image of the modern dad is often depicted as hairy, slouching and having a beer belly. It seems as though this image has been already ingrained in the minds of our society but none question how it came to be. Though only a hypothesis, there is a possibility that the dad bod is actually a result of low testosterone levels. This is because low testosterone levels can limit the body’s ability to burn fat. And since, fat accumulates in the lower body, a visible dad bump usually results. Since most dads are at an age where they will slowly but inevitably produce less and less testosterone, the initial assumption possibly holds.

Ever felt your breast and wonder if the size of it is normal for a man. This condition is called gynecomastia and it is the development of breast tissue that should only occur on women. Because of the low testosterone levels, the hormone is overpowered by the estrogen, which is the female counterpart responsible for the development of female sex organs.

Finally, another marital woe that could be brought upon by low testosterone levels is infertility. As mentioned earlier, the production of sperm is orchestrated by the testosterone and the lack thereof could limit it. Although, in some instances the sex drive of a man is not affected by the low testosterone levels, the sperm count can be.

TRT San Diego Testosterone Replacement Therapy

TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a general term which includes a series of medical procedures in an attempt to restore a man’s testosterone levels. Before proceeding, however, it should be noted that TRT should only be done by people who have low testosterone levels due to any reason other than age. Since the testosterone levels of men declines steadily as they age, it would be normal for men over 40 to have lower testosterone levels. In such cases, TRT is not advised.