The player fans believed to be an ageless wonder, kicker Adam Vinatieri, might just be losing his battle with Father Time. Vinatieri showed signs of slowing down last season, and it appears his body has finally broken down a bit this year, as he’s missed a substantial number of kicks.

Vinatieri missed three kicks — one extra point, and two field goals — in Week 1, possibly costing the team a potential win. And yet, somehow, he wasn’t much better against the Titans in Week 2, somehow missing two extra-point attempts.

After years of high leg and high power kicking, Vinatieri is showing noticeable signs of fatigue, stiffness and growing pain.  It may be, in fact, too difficult for this dominant athlete to facilitate healing, improve posture, increase his range of motion, break down scar tissue and restore optimal function to his body through medical care, as provided by places like, which is causing his teammates some concern.

He knows he needs to be better, and he also knows that kickers have a short leash, so maybe that’s why he’s now mulling retirement.

It would make sense for Vinatieri to call it quits, as he’s still a possible Hall of Famer, and the optics would look better than him struggling again, then ending up getting cut.