Australia is a country where betting and gambling have a special status, they are legalized. Since Australia is a state made up of states, each state has its own laws, restrictions and forms of gambling regulation. Today, bettors often get free bet offers, which can significantly affect the winnings. The most tempting offers, such as the best bonus bets encourage people to participate in betting and get a good monetary benefit from it. It is worth mentioning that back in 1993, bookmakers’ offices were legalized, there was no online betting then, but the popularity of sports betting was growing rapidly, so it was decided at the legislative level to allow this activity.  Three years later, in 1996, the first Australian betting sites began to appear, where people had the opportunity to bet on all available sports. The legality of betting is also reflected in the popularization of sports. Australia is the world’s leading country in terms of the amount of money spent on betting and gambling each year. Bookmaker offices are licensed by the government and operate smoothly within the current laws.

Betting through the lens of the law

In 2001, the Australian government passed the Interactive Gambling Act, which introduced a strict ban on many types of gambling and its distribution. Online gambling was also banned. It is worth mentioning that this law did not apply to betting on sports and racing, which is why betting began to gain popularity very quickly. Most operators moved into this very field, as they did not want to have problems with the law. Unfortunately, there are still some violations of existing restrictions in Australian betting, such as illegal advertising of betting companies, the introduction of a bonus system as a thank you for registering there. The most popular and reliable bookmakers are working to ensure that betting takes place in a safe environment with no rules violations. They also take care of the safety of financial transactions and are careful to ensure that customer service is of the highest level. If any conflicts arise, the support service immediately solves all problems, because scandals in this environment can significantly damage the reputation of the office and even completely ruin its activity. There is also an age restriction for bettors, according to the law, persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to take part in betting or gambling. This law applies throughout the country. The most attractive thing for players is that the money earned from successful bets is not taxed. That is, a person who wins a large sum of money has every right to keep it, because the state does not consider it a direct income, betting is not a job, but a form of entertainment and a way of alternative random income. But betting offices must pay taxes, because their activities are already considered work, therefore, all profits are taxed. In Australia, there are no general rules regarding the tax system, each state has its own peculiarities.

Is betting addiction a problem?

Australia has a high number of betting addicts. As a rule, they are middle-aged men, often unemployed or lower on the social ladder. The purpose of their entry into the betting industry is initially to get rich, so such people do desperate things that lead them to complete financial collapse. Even the WHO is concerned about this problem and has recognized betting and gambling as a type of addictive disorder. Of course, any addiction can lead to tragic consequences, so you should not bring the situation to its occurrence. The experienced bettors know how to keep themselves under control and know how to stop in time and not to let the excitement take over themselves. First, they take breaks between bets, because before making the next bet, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of sports teams or players. This all takes a lot of time, no successful bettor makes lightning-fast and rash bets, only beginners can do so recklessly without thinking anything through. A careful approach to betting provides bettors with success and a good income, because they ponder with a cold mind, they are beyond any dependence and do not make betting on sports the purpose of their life. For them it is only a pastime, which they take a little more seriously than any other form of leisure.