Final Roster Spot

The Celtics have a final roster spot, but Andrew Bogut won’t be the player to fill that spot.

According to multiple reports, both the Celtics and the Cavs were in on Bogut, but the 32-year old vet decided to take his talents to LA. Now with just three days until training camp, Dany may still be looking to add some more talent to the team.

Boris Diaw is heading to France, Tyler Zeller to the Nets, Crawford to Minnesota. The options the Celtics now have are limited, but some impactful players remain in the market.


Between the Kyrie trade madness, the Celtics conducted a work out with the big man.

But no news since.

The 6-10, listed at 237 lbs was drafted fifth overall in the 2012 NBA draft by the Kings, and played for six teams in the spam. Not ideal. But he´s only 26. Last season with the Lakers, in 48 games, he averaged 5.0 points, 4.6 rebounds, at just 11 mins per game.

But what could possibly attract Dany, is Robinson’s ability to rebound, and that’s an issue that keeps haunting the Celtics. Robinson has a impressive 25.5% defensive rebound percentage for his career. To put that in prospective, Kelly Olynyk lead the Celtics last year at 20.7%.

The only downside to Robinson is that he has not been sucked into the modern day NBA style. I refer to is his inability to stretch the floor. In the last couple seasons, Brad has relied heavily on bigs that can space the floor.

With the Lakers last season, Robinson shot 61.3% from the restricted area.



When Green is number two in this list, you know the market isn’t very big out there. But Gerald is a great locker presence, very important for a new team. And he helped turn the Bulls series around.

UPDATE: Green to sign with the Bucks.


This will not be a popular option for the fans after the disappointing stint with the Celtics back in 2015. Celtics fan were excited to add the former dominant double-double PF.  Lee played only 30 games with the Celtics before he was waived and picked up by the Mavericks.

Lee isn’t the same old Lee but he’s coming off a quiet, productive season with the mighty Spurs. In 18 minutes of action, the posted 7.3 points, 5.6 rebounds and 1.6 assists, and shot 59 percent from the field.  Lee turn down a $1.6 million option from the Spurs.


Like mentioned before, the options are limited at this point of the off season. The chances are slim to find a player, whom will have any real impact on the team.

Notable free agent bigs still available: Lavoy Allen, Festus Ezeli and Jordan Hill.