Whether you have never been to a gambling casino or you play casino often, finding the right one for you is a personal preference. There are probably hundreds of restaurants near to where you live, but over time and with experience, you find the restaurant that has the perfect balance of tasty dishes, the right atmosphere, good service and value for money.  The same applies to choosing the right gambling casino for you; whether it be an online casino or a land-based one.

The problem with finding the right casino is it can cost you a stack of money before you find the right one for you. But, it doesn’t have to! Let’s take a closer look at free online casinos and some of the pros and cons.

The History of Free Online Casino

Back in the good old days, the expression: “there is no such thing as a free lunch” or “nothing is free” was touted by everyone. If something was free, there was always a catch or fine print. Then, the Internet came along and suddenly, there was free everything. There was this fundamental paradigm shift by companies who realized that by giving stuff away for free, they could engage visitors and make money out of them in other ways.  The Freemium business model finally flourished.

Online casinos also adopted the Freemium model over the years, giving you the opportunity to try out their casino games and websites for free. Some casinos allow you to create an account, and then they let you play their casino games for free, and when you are ready to commit and play for real money, you simply deposit funds and start wagering real cash.

If you’re looking for a completely anonymous free online casino experience, that’s also possible, as many online casinos let you try out some of their games on their websites without having to register. However, it’s often better to register an account. Even though they will start emailing you promotional offers, this can be to your advantage.  Why you might ask? Despite the fact you probably don’t want loads of mails, often, you will receive exclusive offers over and above their standard welcome bonuses when you are ready to make your first deposit. With all these great offers available, when you’ve exhausted the free online casino options, you can take advantage of the great offers they have sent you.

Winning Entertainment

While playing casino style games for free can be entertaining, nothing beats the thrill of a real gambling casino. If you enjoy an online gaming experience but still want to interact with real people, you could also consider Live Casino, which is offered by many online casinos. Like this, you can play a selection of table games via live streaming with real dealers and other players.


As you can see, the option of playing at a free online casinos is a reality and has many benefits, but just know that when you hit a jackpot or go on a winning streak, you’ll regret not having been playing for real money.

Whatever direction you choose, try out Gambino Slots now for free or play for real. Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus when you make your first deposit too.